English Grammar for Basic Level

(Tata Bahasa Inggris untuk Tingkat Dasar)

English grammar lessons and exercises which we provide below have been prepared to help learners understand the structure of the language and use it confidently in their every day life and activities. If you find that the quizzes which you study here are still very difficult, we suggest that you read such books as Basic English Grammar, and Focus on Grammar.

Present, Past and Perfect Tenses

How much and How many

Activities in the Simple Past Tense

Job Interview in the Simple Present NEW

English Conversation about time

Questions in Simple Past

Conversation in the Simple Present Tense

English Grammar Exercise Stative Verb

Prepositions of Time: In, On, At


Prepositions of Location

Appropriate Response in English Conversation

English SelfTest

Conversation in the Simple Present NEW

Questions and Answers NEW

The Present Progressive Tense Paragraph NEW

The Present Progressive NEW

The Present Progressive NEW

Review of Simple Past of Be

Past forms of be

Simple Questions

Possessive adjectives

That or Those?

People and Places (subject pronoun)

This or these

Who or What?

Present of be: Yes/ No Questions

Appropriate Response

Pronoun and Contractions with be

A city or a country?

Pronoun + BE + Noun

Daily English Conversation

Focus on Grammar Introductory Course

Focus on Grammar Basic Course

Focus on grammar Intermediate Course

Expression with Let's

English Conversation would like

Focus on Grammar High Intermediate Course

Focus on Grammar Advanced Course


English Conversation with should

Fundamentals of English Grammar

English Grammar in Use


Students At Oregon State (present of be)

Present of be and Past Tense of be


Prepositions of Place Classroom

Prepositions of Place Desk

Buying A Car in the USA


English Grammar Practice, Grammar Exercises, English Grammar Online; English Grammar Quiz; The Oxford English Grammar,

How to Learn English Grammar Easily


is or are, and a or an

Singular and Plural Sentences

Noun + are + noun: Plural

Singular and Plural Sentences

Singular Noun

Exercise 1. Article, a or an

Article a or an, and singular noun

Matching words and sentences

TOEFL Preparation


General English

Sample Conversation


TOEIC Preparation

Business English

Health and Lifestyle

American Mosaic

Study in the US


English Language
English Books

Free English Lessons


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