Present, Past and Perfect Tenses

English Grammar Exercises about Present, Past and Perfect Tenses


Answer the following questions



English grammar exercise that you do above is meant to test your knowledge whether you can use the English tenses or can compare them and apply them in your daily life communication. The present continuous tense is used to say or explain something that is progressing or happening at the time of speaking. It can also be used to say about something that is going to happen in the immediate future, for instance, "I am flying to England tomorrow morning".  Simple Present Tense is usually used to say about something that happens regularly, or something which has become our habit or lifestyle. It is also used for expressing things that are thought as general truth, for instance The moon goes around the Earth. For more information grammar and how to uses English tenses, please, read Essential Grammar in Use written by Raymond Murphy.

Click the link below if you want to study more grammar practice materials that we have prepared for English learners who are still in beginning or elementary level. Although sometimes people say that the structure of English is difficult, with patience and more practice, you will be able to master it.



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