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Englishland has provided various grammar explanation and exercises through her online service since 2004. A lot of learners have studied them. Some of them have requested more lessons so that they can use them to improve their knowledge and understanding about the structure of English language. Previously the grammar quizzes were prepared using Macromedia Flash technology for TOEIC test questions. Unfortunately, such grammar exercises cannot be read or indexed by search engine. So, they could not easily be found by learners of English on the internet.
To improve our service to students of English language, we change our test platform from Flash based into Java Script based using Hot Potato software. We believe that the English Grammar Practice which we present in this website can now be indexed easily by the search engines.
Online English Grammar test questions that have been developed here have been adapted to meet the demand of most of our test takers who are in the basic and elementary levels. But we don't close the possibilities of presenting more difficult grammar exercises in the future.
Before doing or answering the English Grammar Exercises through this online service, we suggest that students study the grammar topics by reading such course textbooks as:
Focus on Grammar - An Introductory Course for Reference and Practice by Irene E. Schoenberg and Jay Maurer
Basic English Grammar by Betty Schrampfer Azar, and
Essential Grammar in Use - A self-study reference and practice book for elementary students of English by Raymond Murphy
If you cannot get such English grammar books in local bookstore, you can find them on the internet. All of the grammar questions or quizzes that you find in Englishland's website have been developed in accordance with the above English course books. We encourage you to visit our website regularly to get more updates and new learning materials which we add every week. We also invite you to join our Yahoo mailing list which we use to inform every English learners who have accessed our website with news, new grammar tests and featured articles. by Charles Roring


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Basic English Grammar Exercises

Singular Noun

Pronoun and Contractions with be

Review of Simple Past of Be

Questions in Simple Past

Exercise 1. Article, a or an

Appropriate Response

The Present Progressive

How much and How many

Exercise 2. Article a or an, and singular noun

 Present of be: Yes/ No Questions

The Present Progressive

English SelfTest

Exercise 3.Singular Sentences

Who or What?

The Present Progressive Tense

English Conversation about time, and other things

Noun + are + noun: Plural

this or these

Questions and Answers in The Present Progressive Tense

Prepositions of Time: In, On, At

Singular and Plural Sentences

People and Places

English Conversation that uses The Simple Present

The future with be going to: Wh-questions

is or are, and a or an

That or Those?

Job Interview the uses the Simple Present

Daily English Conversation

Quiz: Singular and Plural Sentences

Possessive adjectives

English Conversation in the Simple Present Tense

English Conversation would like

A city or a country?

Simple Questions

Appropriate Response in English Conversation

Expression with Let'

Pronoun + BE + Noun

Past forms of be

Activities in the Simple Past Tense

English Conversation with should

Students At Oregon State Present of be and Past Tense of be Cars Prepositions of Place - in the classroom
Prepositions of Place - Matching Exercise Present, Past and Perfect Tenses    


More Advanced Grammar Questions Available from our TOEIC Preparation exercises

Part 6. Error Recognition

Question 49

Question 50

Question 51

Question 52

Question 53

Question 54

Question 55

Question 56


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