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The following English grammar exercise deals with stative verbs or nonaction verbs meaning that they only express a physical or emotional need, not an action. For example, "I love flowers," here the word love expresses my emotional feeling. I am not working in the garden or arranging flowers in a vase. The English tense that we use is the simple present. We don't use the present progressive when we want to say something using stative verbs. When you answer the quiz below, keep in mind that the verbs that you choose should be in agreement with the subjects or personal pronouns of the sentences. Study the simple present tense again if you are still confused about them.





Answer the following questions


The English grammar exercise that you do above is intended for beginning English learners. It will help you to recognize various verbs that are usually used in the simple present tense. Nonaction verbs include want, need, like, love, hate, hear, see, smell, taste, understand, know, believe, think (meaning believe). This simple quiz has been designed or composed using a special software that will help you check the answers in real time. You don't need to open your grammar book to find the correct answers. All you need to do is click the right answers and find out whether your choice is correct or not. The English grammar exercise software only works based on a set rules which I as the webmaster has set. It does not understand the language at all. It is only a machine. So, whenever you study English always remember that your understanding about each grammar topic discussed in a book or a website is more important than the software. Software is only a tool, it is not a smart machine that can find solutions to all your grammar problems.

Englishland has a lot of grammar exercises and explanation which you can do at your own pace and at your own time. If you feel overwhelmed with the number of lessons that you see in this website, you don't have to be intimidated by them. Everybody cannot finish all of them in one day. When you learn English, you need time, patience and hard work. It is part of your investment for your personal success in the future. To improve your grammar understanding, you need to read books and do the exercises both in the book and in this website regularly. Remember that you are still at an early stage of your long endeavor to mastering this important international language.

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