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Grammar is an essential part of a language. Mastering English grammar is a must for everybody who wants to communicate in English fluently. There are a lot of books in the bookstores where learners can buy to study grammar. When I was a university student, I bought English Grammar in Use - a self study reference and practice book for intermediate students of English. It was around 17 years ago. When I review grammar books that are suitable for intermediate level courses, I still see that Raymond Murphy's books are still relevant.
Another book that I should recommend to you is The Oxford English Grammar. The author of the book is Sydney Greenbaum. Oxford is a great name in the ears of English learners. When we hear this name we will remember Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary, The New Oxford Picture Dictionary and various other dictionaries. The Oxford English Grammar has been written by the author using an easy to understand language that helps learners absorb the topics without getting frustrated by a wide range of grammar formulas. Therefore, this book is an essential reference for all English speakers or learners around the world. This grammar book is quite thick. It is published by Oxford University Press, USA.
The explanation of grammar is given gradually in adaptation to learners learning condition. Sentences, clauses, phrases and words that are introduced or presented in this book have been outlined according to national, regional and social variation in English speaking countries. To help students understand the grammar presentation, examples of usages of every grammar topic discussed in this book have been provided. It is expected that this book can be used by English learners to improve their grammar skills so that they will be able to read, write or communicate in English without difficulties.

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