Prepositions of Location

Prepositions of Location

Study the following English conversation between two people who are talking about location of streets based on a city map on below. These prepositions are typically used in American English. We often see some differences in English grammar application between American and British English. Pay attention to the questions used in the dialogue. The speaker uses embedded questions.


Larry: Do you know where Obama street is?

Pam: Oh, I know. It's near the park. It crosses the Washington street and parallel to the Kennedy street.

Larry: And do you have any idea of where the Pine street is?

Pam: Well, it's not difficult to find. It's off the Oak street.


It might be difficult for anybody to explain the location of a street or a building without using a map. When somebody or a tourist ask you for directions, if possible, please use a map to show the location of places or buildings which he is heading to. Perhaps, people in the UK, Australia and New Zealand are not familiar with the way the American people use the preposition of location such as what you see in the above conversation. But as an English learner, you need to familiarize yourself with that words or phrases in order to communicate in English fluently. In English grammar, besides prepositions of cross, parallel to, and off that are presented in the above dialogue, in; on; at; and across from are frequently used by people when they want to tell someone the exact address of a house or building. So, preposition of location or preposition of place, is often used in a daily conversation when people talk about directions in a city or town especially to a foreigner.

The use of prepositions in English language can be seen in various application. Please, read the following lessons to know more about it.

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