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General English


General English (GE) is a course program that is developed to prepare students to master English language used in daily situations. There are four communicative skills or fluency which they must understand such as listening, speaking, reading, writing. Interactive English learning materials that we provide in this General English category are expected to encourage students to practice their skills. Usually before a student can take a GE class, he or she has to take a placement test. It is a kind of proficiency assessment test. The result of the test determines the right level (basic, elementary, pre-intermediate, intermediate, upper-intermediate, pre advanced, advanced) he or she is suitable for. Englishland do not provide certificate to those who have finished learning the online English course materials that are presented in this website.

English for Basic Level




English for Beginners

Lesson 1 Hello, I'm Sue

Lesson 2 Nice to meet you

Lesson 3 Occupations

Lesson 4 The Alphabet

Lesson 5 Are you Eleine?

Lesson 6 Who are they?

Lesson 6b Numbers

Lesson 7 How is it going?


One level program is usually conducted within 60 - 90 class hours added with home-works and achievement tests. Classroom teaching and learning activities are conducted using textbooks (mostly published by Longman) as the main course material. Some of them are Spectrum, True Colors, Opportunities, and  New Vista. Teachers can read or play the cassette recordings of the sample conversations and pronunciation practice at during the classroom activity and then develop the content of the conversations into grammar explanation and exercises and discussion of certain topics that will enrich the students with new words and phrases.

Writing exercises are usually conducted using the work books which can be done in the classroom or at home depending on the amount of time allocated by the teachers to accomplish one level of the course program. When all the levels of General English have been accomplished by the students, they should be able to use their English in ever day situations as expected from the objective of the course program. Authors of the above General English books now have even provided additional lessons which teachers and students can get on the internet.

All of the English conversations that you find in this website have been prepared to help students practice their communication skills similar to the natural settings which they hear from the respective lesson that we provide. The lessons in that you find here are not complete but they can be used as important reference before students study more difficult lessons in higher levels. Some English schools claim that they can help you speak English in no time or fast. Well, to be honest, there is no words such as fast or in no time when it comes to learning English. Its a long process. It can be as short as one year to as long as 5 or even 10 years. Depending on how serious you are in learning English, your fluency will be improved if you invest more time in learning this international language.

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