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Sample of English Conversations


Contoh Percakapan Bahasa Inggris



Setiap pelajar bahasa Inggris ingin sekali agar mereka bisa bercakap-cakap dengan lancar. Untuk membantu Anda berlatih bercakap-cakap dalam bahasa Inggris, kami telah menyediakan sejumlah latihan percakapn dalam halaman web ini yang bisa digunakan sebagai bahan pelajaran. Topik percakapan mencakup hal-hal yang berkaitan dengan kesehatan dan keadaan di sekitar rumah. Di samping mempelajari latihan percakapan di situs ini, Anda perlu melatih percakapan dengan teman di tempat kerja, teman kelas atau guru di sekolah. Kami tahu bahwa tidaklah mudah untuk berlatih percakapan dengan teman Anda yang juga tidak bisa berbicara dalam bahasa Inggris dengan lancar. Ini umum terjadi di negara-negara yang bahasa internasional ini dianggap sebagai bahasa asing. Di koloni-koloni bekas Inggris dan Amerika seperti India, Singapura, Malaysia, dan Papua Nugini, orang telah terbiasa berbicara dalam bahasa Inggris. Bahasa ini telah dikenal sebagai bahasa resmi kedua. Para pelajar di negara-negara tersebut tidak akan menemui kesulitan dalam menguasai bahasa Inggris. Tetapi para siswa di negara seperti Indonesia, Jepang dan Brazil tidak hidup di lingkungan yang berbahasa Inggris. Di negara-negara tersebut, bahasa Inggris diposisikan sebagai bahasa asing. Situasi ini sering dilihat sebagai penghalang utama bagi mereka yang ingin menguasai bahasa tersebut.

Every English learner wants to be able to converse fluently. To help you practice English conversation, we have provided a number of conversation exercises in this webpage which you can use as study materials. Topics of the conversation range from discussion among neighbors to conversation about health and ailment matters. Besides learning the conversation exercises from this website, you need to practice speaking English with your friends at work, classmates or teachers at school. We know that if is not easy to practice conversation with your friends who also cannot speak English fluently. This is common in countries where this international language is considered as foreign language. In former British or American colonies such as India, Singapore, Malaysia and the Papua New Guinea, people are used to speaking in English. This language has even been recognized as the second official language. English learners in those countries will not find difficulties in mastering English. But students in such countries as Indonesia, Japan, and Brazil do not live in English speaking environment. In such countris, English language is positioned as a foreign language. This situation is often seen as a major obstacle for them to master the language.




Free Video English Conversation

Robin pays off her credit card debt NEW

What she thinks about credit card New

Using a credit card NEW

English Conversation about what you did yesterday


Traveling by Train

International Shipping Business

Talking on the phone about dinner postponement

Booking a Hotel Room

Expressing Feelings in English with Adjectives

Basic English Conversation

Basic English Conversation 1. Just Arrived in Manokwari city

Basic English Conversation 2. At the Swiss-Belhotel

Basic English Conversation 3 At Ketapang Boat Station

Basic English Conversation 4. Snorkeling

Basic English Conversation 5

English Pronunciation of "s" and "z"

The English Pronuncation of R

English Conversation Example

Registering for English Class

Practicing English for Oral Exam

English Conversation Snorkeling and Birdwatching in Indonesia

English Conversation About The Environment

English Pronunciation of "A" and "O"

The World Food Program

Luxurious Yacht Charter New


Who are they?

This is my brother Ray.

What's your name?

Where is Emily?

Where is the house?

That's a beautiful belt!

Is Mary Ann there?

There is a soccer game at the stadium.

What time is it?

Are you busy?

I am just reading the newspaper.

Is Tony there?

Where is Dad

This is a big living room

How about lunch

What's for lunch?

I'm at the supermarket

What do we have to eat?

I like that sweater

Why is he wearing jeans?

May I help you?

She usually wears pants?

I have a stomachache

I need to see the doctor.

I have a terrible cold

Take Aspirin

I have a high fever.

Where were you yesterday?

Conversation 1 Where do you live?

Conversation 2. What do you do?

Conversation 3 Hello, Susan. How are you?

Conversation 4. Do you live alone?

Conversation 5. No, I am a cook.

Conversation 6. We just moved here from Washington

Conversation 7 My Birthday is in March

Conversation 8. I hear today is your birthday

Conversation 9 It's our grandson's birthday

Conversation 10. When were you born?

English Conversation 11. Buying a Plane Ticket

English Conversation 12. What do you do in your free time?

English Conversation 13. Health and Illness

English Conversation 17 Summer Vacation in Numfor Island

 English Conversation 18 Mountain Bike Trip from Bintuni to Manokwari

English Conversation Practice Make a Reservation for a Flight to Denpasar City

English Conversation Practice

Percakapan Bahasa Inggris 1 Kamu tinggal dimana?

Percakapan Bahasa Inggris 7. Ulang tahunku di bulan Maret.

Percakapan Bahasa Inggris 2. Apa pekerjaanmu?

Percakapan Bahasa Inggris 8. Saya dengar hari ini ultahmu.

Percakapan Bahasa Inggris 3 Hello, Susan. Apa kabar?

It's our grandson's birthday

Percakapan bahasa Inggris 4. Kamu tinggal sendirian?

Percakapan Bahasa Inggris 10. Kapan Anda lahir?

Percakapan Bahasa Inggris 5. Tidak, Saya seorang koki.

Conversation 11. Applying for Driver's License

Percakapan Bahasa Inggris 6. Kami baru saja pindah dari Washington.

English Conversation on the Phone

English course from Englishland

Fortunately, the invention of computer technology changes this situation. Now English learners can easily find speaking partners by only seating in front of a computer monitor and have conversation on various topics without have to leave the comfort of their homes or bedrooms. Although learning English conversation from the internet is possible, finding lessons that are suitable for a learner's proficiency level is difficult. To meet this demand, a number of English learning institutions develops special applications which can help students practice learn and practice English conversation using computer software. The software is not only for practicing conversation but also pronunciation, grammar and reading comprehension. One of them is "Rosetta Stone English". This software helps you learn English naturally. The method used in introducing the English language is the same as the method that you naturally used when learning your first language. "Rosetta Stone English" helps you start speaking English immediately by practicing essential basics of the language.  Also read: Conversation and Grammar



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