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Practice Basic English Conversation

This basic English conversation exercise can be done both in the classroom or at your workplace. The following video shows how students practice their English by answering simple questions.

English conversation exercises have been discussed in a lot of pages of this Englishland's website. It is true that mastering English conversation for students in basic or elementary level is a difficult thing to do. However, with patience and persistence, learners of this international language can speak English from time to time. All English learners want to be able to communicate with their friends and colleagues using this international language fluently.


In fact, many are ashamed or not confident enough to openly express their feelings and opinions especially in an environment where English is not used as the official language. A lot of students are afraid of making grammatical mistakes when speaking English. It is difficult for learners of English to find partners or colleagues who are willing to speak in English with them. Most often when somebody tries to practice conversation with his or her friends in public places, there are tendencies that people will think that he is proud of himself. Such perception should be eliminated. We are lucky to live in this era where world community has been more integrated through the introduction of mobile phone, laptop, internet, webcam and video conference of computer technology. Students of English language can now practice speaking English with other people on different parts of the world in real time using video cam or webcam technology. There are a lot of English course institutes that provide free learning materials for students, one of them is this Englishland website. We realize that the lessons that we provide here are not enough to cater the needs of students for more complicated lessons. We try our best by adding new lessons regularly to help thousands of our web users study English from this website. As a matter of fact, there are a lot of videos in Youtube that are related to online English conversation exercises. We encourage learners to visit Youtube and find the conversation exercises by themselves.

In addition to studying English through this website and practicing conversations with other learners, we recommend that all English learners who access this website to find more learning materials that are important tools for them to master this language. One English learning software that we recommend is Rosetta Stone English. It is a complete learning material that has been prepared and programmed to help learners like you study general English, grammar, conversation and understand vocabularies in their contextual meanings. Although you might think that this computer application is expensive, it is actually a good investment for your future particularly if your job is closely related to international work environment where you will meet business partners coming from different parts of the world. With Rosetta Stone English, you can study the language at the comfort of your own home or chat with learners who use the same software on the internet.

People study English for a lot of reasons, many want to get good jobs in multinational companies and others want to study abroad or travel the world. If you are one of those who want to work in foreign companies, you need to study English language that is oriented to business practices. To help you improve your communicative skills in business environment, we have provided a lot of lessons in the category of business English. But before you are hired, most often foreign companies stipulate a high TOEIC score. So, although you might think that your conversation skills is much better now, you need to take TOEIC test to assess how much you know about this language that is useful for international working environment. When you speak with coworkers from different nationalities you need to be able to use appropriate words in clear pronunciation, terms and language styles that are suitable to that kind of environment.

Basic English Conversation Lessons

Gap-fill exercise


Fill in all the gaps, then press "Check" to check your answers.
   I am an actress      I am an engineer      I live in Madrid      I live in Venezuela      My name is Carla      My name is Manolo   
A:Now let's practice. What's your name?

B: .
A: What do you do?
B: .
A: How old are you?
B: I'm forty years old.
A: Where do you live?
B: .
A: Thank you.

A: Let's practice. what's your name?
A: What do you do?
B: .
A: How old are you?
B: I am twenty years old.
A: Where do you live?
B: .
A: Thank you, Carla.

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