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Basic English Conversation 1. Just Arrived in Manokwari City




basic english conversation between a tourist and a taxi driver from Rendani airport to Swiss-belhotel of Manokwari city



Basic English Conversation is a series of lessons which we are now developing to help learners study English by following Simon, a tourist from the United Kingdom, while he is traveling in Manokwari city of West Papua. We have composed a number of dialogues between Simon and local people from various sectors that are related to tourism and travel industry. Although in reality Simon needs a local English speaking guide, the role of the guide is omitted here for the reason of simplicity.

Say what country people are from

Simon has just arrived at Rendani airport by a jet plane of Express Air. He is going to spend one week holiday in Manokwari city. If you find that this sample of basic English conversation is too difficult for you to understand, please, look up the difficult words in a dictionary or click this link Percakapan Bahasa Inggris Dasar 1 for its translation in Indonesian language. In the dialogue,  you see that Simon (the tourist) and Agustinus (the taxi driver) were talking in a taxi. They are heading to the Swiss-Belhotel of Manokwari city. When you want to practice speaking in English with a foreigner, you can begin by giving comments to a book that he is reading, or just say hello. He will know easily that you try to practice your English. Avoid asking questions that are too personal when you practice your English with someone you have just met.


Read to the following conversation

practice speaking English by reading the dialogue on the left of this photographSimon: Swiss-belhotel, please.

Taxi driver: Ok, Sir. I'll bring you there right away.

Simon: Is the hotel far from Mansinam island?

Taxi driver: Although the island is in this bay, it's quite far. From Swiss-Belhotel, you need to go to Ketapang boat station by public transportation or ojek (motorcycle taxi). Then you can go to Mansinam island by water taxi, a motorized outrigger boat.

Simon: Oh, it seems that you know this city very well.

Taxi driver: Yes. I was born and grew up in this tropical city. Is this the first time you are here? Where are you from, Sir?

Simon: I am Simon. I am from the United Kingdom. Yes, this is my first time traveling around Manokwari city.

Taxi driver: I am Agustinus. Are you visiting the island on a pilgrimage?

Simon: No. I'll go there tomorrow for snorkeling over the beautiful coral reef to see the fish and the underwater world.

Fifteen minutes later ....

Taxi driver: Sir, the Swiss-Belhotel is on the right of us.

Simon: Yes, I see it. Wow, it's located on a busy street.

The car stopped in front of the hotel's door.

Taxi driver: The cost is Rp. 100,000

Simon: Oh, yeah, I know. I read it in a book, "Manokwari Travel Guide." Here you are.

Taxi driver: Thank you. I'll carry your luggage into the lobby of the hotel.

Simon: You're welcome.


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