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Basic English Conversation 3. At Ketapang Boat Station





Menno Schepers - a tourist from the Netherlands was going by boat to Mansinam island. He spoke English well.



The following conversation describes how Simon goes to Mansinam by an outrigger boat to enjoy snorkeling along the southern coast of the island. By reading this basic English dialogue, we hope that you will be able to understand some words and phrases that are related to the marine environment.


Boat driver: Good morning, Sir. Do you want to go to Mansinam island or Lemon island?

Simon: I want to go snorkeling in Mansinam island. I want to rent a boat.

Boat driver: You can use my boat. I usually charge Rp. 500,000 (five hundred thousand rupiahs) per day.

Simon:  Do you know the location where the coral reef is?

Beautiful white sandy beach of Mansinam island where Simon was heading toBoat driver: I know it, Sir. It's located behind the island. Do you go alone or with some friends?

Simon: I go alone. How long does it take to reach the coral reef area of the Mansinam island?

Boat driver: It takes around 30 minutes. Buy some water and biscuits at the kiosk. Today the weather is clear. In the afternoon is will be hot.

Simon: Do people sell some food in the island?

Boat driver: Well, there are some kiosks in the island but we will not land on the village. The beach where you'll enjoy snorkeling at is still covered with tropical rainforest and coconut trees. There are no houses around. After snorkeling for a few hours, you will be thirsty. So, you need some refreshment, I think.

Simon: OK, I will buy some food and drink. Do you also need them?

Boat driver: It's OK. I can climb a coconut tree if I am hungry. You don't have to buy them for me.

Simon: I will buy them for you. But you can also get some coconuts in the island. I'd like to drink some coconut juice when I'm thirsty after snorkeling for a few hours in the tropical island.


a few minutes later ... the boat is going to the Mansinam island


Boat driver: Sir, is this your first visit to Papua?

Simon: Yes. This is my first time in Papua. If the coral reef is still in pristine condition, I might bring some of my friends here next year.

Boat driver: Don't forget to contact me again next year when you bring more tourists to Mansinam island

Simon: OK, I will.


These sample of basic English conversations have been developed to help learners from around the world about the typical dialogues that they might encounter in an eco-tourism industry. English is the highly used in travel and tourism. Although the main theme is traveling in Papua, the questions and answers that learners will read are based on standard English grammar for elementary to pre-intermediate students. In addition, another objective of the introduction of these lessons is to create awareness among learners of English about the importance of the preservation of nature. We hope that the basic conversation practices that you study in this website will be able to help you improve your speaking skill and widen your horizon about the most favorite work environments in the world which is the eco-tourism.


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