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Basic English Conversation 4. Snorkeling off the tropical island of Mansinam







This is the continuation lesson of the previous Basic English Conversation 3. Pay attention to the tenses, the Prepositions in, on, at; as well as the plural and singular form of nouns and this or these in the sentences. The topic of the following conversation is snorkeling. Prepositions are always used in English dialogue. By studying them, you will know the right preposition positioned before a number of  words. Tenses that are used in this dialogue are present simple, present simple of be, present perfect, past continuous or past progressive and present perfect as well as present perfect progressive. 

You will be introduced with English vocabularies that are related to the coral reef and marine environment. Simon was now at the tropical island of Mansinam. He was accompanied by boat driver Markus.

Markus: Sir, look at the white sandy beach near the rows of the coconut trees.

Simon: Yes, I see it. Is that the place where you'll land this boat?

Markus: Yes, there is the place where the coral reef is still in pristine condition.

Simon: Yes, I can see it now. The coral reef is really beautiful even when it is seen from above the water.

Markus: I like swimming at the beach when I was a little child with my friends.

Simon: Weren't you afraid of the underwater scenery that looked so big?

Markus: We weren't. We live near the sea. We like swimming, and catching fish.

Simon: Have you ever snorkeled?

Markus: Yes. But only with the home made snorkeling glasses that are sold in the traditional market.


Markus: Tuan, lihatlah ke pantai pasir putih yang berdekatan dengan jajaran pohon kelapa.

Simon: Ya, aku melihatnya. Apakah itu tempat di mana engkau akan mendaratkan perahui ini?

Markus: Ya, di tempat itulah terumbu karangnya masih kondisi baik.

Simon: Ya, saya bisa lihat sekarang. Terumbu karang sungguh indah bahkan ketika dilihat dari atas air.

Markus: Saya suka berenang di pantai ketika saya masih kecil dengan kawan-kawanku.

Simon: Tidakkah kamu takut dengan pemandangan bawah laut yang nampak besar?

Markus: Tidak. Kami tinggal di pinggir laut. Kami suka berenang dan menangkap ikan.

Simon: Apakah kamu pernah menikmati snorkeling?

Markus: Ya. Tetapi hanya dengan kaca mata snorkeling buatan rumah yang dijual di pasar tradisional.

Five minutes later...., the boat landed on Mansinam beach. Markus also went snorkeling with Simon. Simon got off the boat, put his bag and entered the sea water.

Simon: Wow..., it's beautiful to be here.  Hey, Markus, although you have been snorkeling since you were a child, I have to remind you that you must not step on these corals. It's amazing to see that this island is surrounded by coral reef.

Markus: I know, Sir. If we step on these corals, they will brake and die. As a result, fish and other marine animals cannot live there anymore because there won't be any food left.

Simon: Yes, you're right. OK, we can enjoy snorkeling now.


Simon and Markus were snorkeling at the beach of the tropical island of Mansinam. They saw beautiful corals, ornamental fish and sea stars as well as urchins and clam shells (Tridacna gigas). Simon was wearing fins, snorkeling mask and snorkel. With these snorkeling gears he could breath in the water. Markus only had home made goggles. He was not able breath in the water. He had to come out of the water so that he could get fresh air. In the afternoon, Markus climbed a coconut tree and picked some of its fruits. He cut the fruits husks, made small holes through the coconut shells. They drank the coconut juice until they felt full in their stomachs. In the afternoon, Markus and Simon returned to the Ketapang boat station. For that one day boat rent or boat ride service, Simon paid him Rp. 500,000 (five hundred thousand rupiahs).

To help you improve your speaking skills, we have developed or composed a lot of samples of English conversation from basic to intermediate levels. Some of the lessons have video or audio recordings whereas for category of Basic English Conversation, they have not been available. The content of the conversations is mostly related to travel and tourism industry. We will constantly add more lessons to help you increase your knowledge while studying English from Englishland's website.


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