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Basic English Conversation 5. Hobby




When we speak with our friends about hobbies, we use simple present tense to express activities that we do regularly. Simple present tense is different from the present continuous tense. When we make up sentences in simple present tense, it does not mean that we are doing the activities that we talking about at the time of speaking. Basic English conversation that you can read on the following English dialogue shows how two people discuss activities that they usually do in their free time. Beside the present simple, another tense that is used in the conversation are the present of be. Tag question is also used at the last part of the dialog. Don't forget to practice more samples of English conversation that have been prepared for you in this Englishland website. 


George Hi, Simon. What do you usually do in your free time?
Simon I like riding bicycle to the beach. How about you?
George I also go to the beach at weekends. I swim and enjoy snorkeling.
Simon Snorkeling? What is it?
George It's a nice hobby. Snorkeling is swimming over coral reef with snorkeling mask and snorkel or pipe to help us breath while our nose and mouth are in the water.
Simon Oh, I see. It's similar to scuba diving but you only swim on the surface of the sea water.
George Yes! By snorkeling you will be able to see the coral reef and ornamental fish. They are colorful and beautiful.
Simon But it is an expensive hobby, isn't it?
George No, it is not. Snorkeling mask is cheaper than a bicycle.

The above short dialogue can be expanded by the English learners themselves with other types of hobbies which they like doing in their leisure time. The setting of the conversation can be at home or at the place when speakers are for example doing the exercise at gym or riding bicycles side by side. Don't forget that when there are two or more hobbies mentioned in a sentence, the plural form verb be (are) should be used. For example: Listening to music and watching movies are my favorite hobbies at home.

Short conversations with tag question


You play tennis, don't you?


No, I don't. I play the guitar.



You rode bicycle when you visited Bali, didn't you?


Yes, I did.  I rode a mountain bike when I was in Ubud for 2 months.


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