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English Conversation 11. Buying a plane ticket

The following dialogue shows how a tourist buys a plane ticket at Dove Travel Agency in Jakarta. The staff of at the ticket counter is Miranda and the tourist is Marcus. The conversation has a number of questions and answers exchange that are typical for people who buy airplane tickets.

an airplane was flying over Manokwari city on October 2010

Buying an Airplane Ticket


Miranda: Hello, welcome to our office. Is there anything I can do for you?

Marcus: Hi, I am Marcus Worth. I want to go to Manokwari city in West Papua province.

Miranda: How would you like to go there, by passenger ship or by plane?

Marcus: I think by airplane is faster.

Miranda: When will you fly?

Marcus: On Monday, next week?

Miranda: Will the ticket be one way or round trip?

Marcus: I will be there for one week, snorkeling and hiking around the Mansinam and Raimuti islands, so I will be back in two weeks. Which one is cheaper?

Miranda: Round trip is cheaper. Wait a second, please... ( Miranda is checking the online flight database on her computer)

two minutes later ...

Miranda: Which seat do you want, a window one or an aisle one?

Marcus: I prefer the window seat, if possible.

Miranda: May I see your ID card?

Marcus: Here you are.

Miranda is typing Marcus' identity on the computer.

Miranda: Mr. Worth. The available flight is from Batavia Air. The economy class is 2.3 million rupiahs.

Marcus: Can I pay by credit card?

Miranda: Sorry, we don't accept credit card. Pay in cash, please.

Marcus is paying the plane ticket

Miranda gives the ticket to him.

Marcus: Thank you.

Miranda: Your welcome. Have a nice trip.


coral reef photo from snorkeling in mansinam island of Manokwari city of West Papua


There are a number of airline companies that provide flight service from Jakarta to Manokwari. They are Batavia Air, Express Air, Lion Air, and Merpati. In English language, the word Merpati means Dove. It is a state owned airliner. Besides going by airplane, tourists can also go by passenger ships operated by PELNI passenger liner. Most of the airlines provide online ticket purchase service. But for PELNI, travelers should go directly to the branch offices in various port cities and towns where the ships visit. Please, check other samples of English conversation on this link: Conversation

Englishland has developed a wide variety of conversations for you to help you practice speaking English with your friends and colleagues. You need to study them and make modification or variations according to your own situation.  The above sample is only a typical dialogue that you might encounter while buying a plane ticket on a ticket agency but its questions and answers will not always be the same. Sometimes, the travel agency provides brochures of tour package to tourists who might be interested in buying them. People buy tour packages because they know that they are very cheap and have been carefully prepared by travel agency to places that have become tourist destinations in certain region.

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