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English Conversation 12. What do you do in your free time?







The following conversation shows the application of simple present tense in a dialogue about pastime activities.  Simple present tense is used when we want to say something that we usually do. It does not have to be a strictly regular activity but it is a kind of habit. We may do it every day, every week or twice month. The higher the frequency of our activity the most likely we use simple present tense when we discuss about it. Although the topic of this English conversation is about sport, the application of simple present tense is not limited only to sports. It can be used in all life topics.   

August: What do you do in your free time, Jane?

Jane: Sometimes I play tennis but most often I love to read novels.

August: How often do you play tennis?

Jane: Once or twice a week.

August: Who is your favorite player?

Jane: Gabriela Sabatini. I like her very much.

August: She was a professional tennis player. I think there is also a perfume that is name after her.

Jane: Yes, Gabriela Sabatini perfume is also a nice product. I also like Steffi Graf and Serena Williams. How about you? Do you play any sports, August?

August: I like watching football but I cannot play it. I like watching basketball but I have never tried playing it either. Well, I walk every day.

Jane: It's also a kind of sport, I think.

August: Well, I don't see it as a sport because I don't do it in my free time. I walk when I go to work and when I go back home.

Jane: So, besides walking, what other sports do you do?

August: I don't know. I play chess.

Jane: I don't think it is a kind of sport.

August: It is. I mean it is a mind or brain sport.

Jane: No! Sports need physical activities.

August: OK, ok, I don't play sports anyway.

Jane: Why don't we go to the beach this weekend. Maybe we can swim in the morning.

August: Nice idea.

* Gabriela Sabatini was one of the world's leading tennis players in 1990s from Argentina. 

After studying the above conversation, you can try the following exercise. It is not an English grammar quiz. When you read the questions, find the appropriate response on the right side of the page and drag it to the left. Besides learning from this English learning website, we recommend that every English learner take a regular course program provided by language schools in the UK, USA or Australia via the internet. Or if you can find a good English language course institution in your town, you can register for a class. Usually, they will ask you to take a placement test where you need to answer a lot of questions from the easiest ones to the most difficult ones. Then they will analyze your answers and determine the right or the most suitable level for you. You might be placed in elementary, intermediate or even higher intermediate or advanced level.




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