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English Conversation 13. Health and Illness






Budi had a fever yesterday. He called Dr. Juliana and made an appointment with her the next morning.

Conversation 1. Talking with a receptionist

Receptionist: Good morning. Is there anything that I can do for you?

Budi: Hi, I am Budi. I called Dr. Juliana yesterday. I have a 10.30 appointment with her.

Receptionist: Please have a seat and wait for a moment. Dr. Juliana is handling a patient now. She will call you after that.

Budi: Ok, thanks.

Conversation 2. Expressing how you feel to a doctor

Dr. Juliana: Well, Budi, I see you look pale.

Budi: I don't feel well.

Dr. Juliana: What's the matter?

Budi: I got a fever yesterday. This morning when I woke I felt very dizzy.

Dr. Juliana: Do you cough?

Budi: No, I don't.

Dr. Juliana: Open your mouth.

Budi opens his mouth and Dr. Juliana is examining him.

Dr. Juliana: I'll take your temperature and some blood sample to find out.

One hour later

Conversation 3. Doctor's prescription and advice

Dr. Juliana: From the lab test, it looks that you've got malaria.

Budi: Oh, it's terrible. I went to Papua last week.

Dr. Juliana: It's a common disease there.

Budi: What should I do now, doctor?

Dr. Juliana: I'll give you some anti-malaria medicines and injection. Drink these green tablets three times a day. After that drink this syrup after you eat your lunch and dinner. You have to stay in bed for three days. Don't go to work or go out of your home.

Budi: Ok, I will. When can I go to work again, doctor.

Dr. Juliana: Drink a lot of water. And don't forget to come again on Thursday. You'll need one or two weeks medication to be free from malaria. When you have been completely free from malaria then you can go to work again.

Budi: Thanks, doctor.

Dr. Juliana: You're welcome. I'll see you again on Thursday.






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