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English Conversation Practice Make A Reservation for A Flight to Denpasar city







In everyday English conversation, we often have to make a reservation when we want to go to another city. We can go to the office of one of the airline companies or we just make a phone call, for instance the Express Air. The following sample of English dialog shows how the flight reservation is made:

Shinta: Express Air. May I help you?

Jettie: Good morning. I want to go to Denpasar in Bali. Could you give me some information about flights to the city for this week?

Shinta: Our airplanes leaves Manokwari city for Denpasar with stopovers in Sorong and Makassar on Tuesday and Friday. They are morning flights. We also have flights from Denpasar city to Manokwari on Monday and Thursday afternoons.

Jettie: I think I'll choose Tuesday. What time does the airplane leave?

Shinta: It leaves at 9.30 a.m. It takes about four hours.

Jettie: Do I need to change planes?

Shinta: Yes, in Makassar city. So, it takes a little more time to wait for the other plane.

Jettie: How long should I wait for the other airplane?

Shinta: Around 15 minutes.

Jettie: How much it the ticket?

Shinta: It's two and a half million rupiahs - not including the airport tax which is fifteen thousand rupiahs.

Jettie: OK. I'd like to make a reservation.


The above sample of English conversation practice describes how Jettie talks to Shinta (a staff of Express Air) about her plan of flying to Denpasar city. This is a typical dialog that you will find or experience when you want to buy an airline ticket. To make a reservation for the flight to Denpasar - a famous tourist destination in Indonesia, Jettie has to know the flight schedule of the airline and the price of the ticket. The order of questions and answers in the English dialog above will not always be identical with the conversations that other people make when making a reservation. But the information that is conveyed is not too different.

Additional information which you might need to know can be how much the airline will charge you if you change your flight schedule to the other day or how much you have to pay for each additional kilogram of extra baggage.

You can pay your ticket in cash or by using credit card. Because the ticket price changes overtime, you will likely have to pay for higher price during holiday seasons. So, the price of an airplane ticket can be 50% more expansive than its normal price during Christmas time. Handicapped person has to tell the staff of the airline about his or her condition when making a reservation. 

To improve your communicative skill in speaking English, if you don't have regular speaking partners, you need to watch English broadcast everyday. VOA and BBC as well as other tv stations can be watched via cable tv services or using satellite disc antenna.

Some English Grammar Explanation

When we are talking about a flight schedule, we use simple present, e.g. The airplane leaves from Manokwari to Denpasar on Tuesday and Friday.

About Prepositions

We use on as the preposition for days, e.g. on Tuesday.

We use at as the preposition for time, e.g. The airplane leaves at 9.30 a.m.


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