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English Conversation 17 Vacation in Numfor island








Jane: Where did you go during last year vacation?

Jettie: I went to Numfor island.

Jane: Did you enjoy the trip?

Jettie: Yes, very much. I went snorkeling, bird watching. I and my friends watched Papuan traditional dance too.

Jane: Was it expensive?

Jettie: No, it was not. We went there by a ferry boat from Manokwari. The ticket was only 40,000 rupiahs or around 4 Euros.

Jane: How long did you spend your vacation in the tropical island.

Jettie: We were there for four days. First, we stayed at Amberimasi village where we did some snorkeling over pristine coral reefs near Numpuri islet and then we continued our trip to Yemburwo village. We drank coconut, ate fried bread-fruit, fish and watched Yospan dance.

Jane: I am interested in spending one or two weeks vacation in Numfor island next summer . Could you tell me how to get there.

Jettie: It's easy. Just fly to Jakarta or Denpasar. After that you need to find a domestic flight to Manokwari - the capital of West Papua province. When you have arrived in Manokwari, you can continue your trip to Numfor island by ferry boat or airplane.

Jane: How much is the airplane ticket?

Jettie: I don't really remember. I think it was 260,000 rupiahs or around 26 Euros. It's better for you to go there by ferry boat because you will have the chance to meet and chat with local people. If you are lucky you will be able to see dolphins in the middle of the sea.

Jane: Dolphins? I'd love to see them. Can you recommend a tourist guide for me?

Jettie: When I went to Numfor, I was accompanied by Charles Roring. He speaks English. You can contact him via email: charlesroring@gmail.com

Jane: I can't speak Indonesian language so, I need an interpreter like him. Thanks for your detailed explanation.

Jettie: You're welcome. I hope you that you will enjoy your trip there.


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