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English Conversation 18 Mountain Bike Trip from Bintuni to Manokwari






Rudy: Hi Charles! I didn't see you for one week. Where have you been?

Charles: I have just returned from a mountain bike tour between Bintuni and Manokwari.

Rudy: Wow, that's amazing. How far was it?

Charles: It was around 281.5 kilometers. The terrains in the fist leg were rough, steep and dangerous between Bintuni and Pintu Angin.

Rudy: What type of bicycle did you and other bikers ride?

Charles: Most of my friends rode Xtrada 5.0 but I rode Polygon Cozmic DX 2.0. It was a heavy mountain bike more suitable for dirt jump. Mr. Bowo rode a Scott - a light and sturdy mountain bike.

Rudy: Tell me more about your mountain biking experience especially the second leg to Manokwari.

Charles: After spending one night rest near the beach, on the third day we continued cycling along the Botak Mountains to Ransiki. The view of the Gunung Botak was really beautiful. The next mountain that we had to overcome was Gunung Ular or Snake mountain. It was really hard to ascend the zigzag route in the mountain. When we had reached the top of the Snake mountain, the next downhill track was a nice bonus to us. We arrived in Oransbari at around 5 p.m. Then we continued cycling again climbing Mount Syoribo and Mount Acemo. We spent one night at Maruni Batu Kapur and finally finished the trip at the governor's office of West Papua. Although I was really exhausted, I enjoyed the cycling trip very much. 

Rudy: Was your trip organized by a travel agency?

Charles: No, it was organized by cycling communities in Manokwari and sponsored by Bank Mandiri, PT Taspen, Indonesian Red Cross and the local government of West Papua province of Indonesia. However, I plan to offer mountain bike tour packages to open more jobs for people in this town who are interested in working in this ecotourism sector.

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