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English Conversation Example



Englishland's website has a lot of samples of conversation aiming at helping learners to familiarize themselves with various kinds of daily dialogues that they may experience when living in an English speaking countries or working in an English speaking environment. Due to technical constraints that we have and the limited number of staff, we have not been able to provide live services for students who want to practice their English through this website in real time. English conversation examples are part of the lessons that we provide in General English (GE) program. Before people can converse in English fluently, they have to enroll in some GE programs at least from basic or elementary level to intermediate ones that are offered by language schools in their towns. The GE program will prepare students with a number of grammatical and vocabulary and sentence composition, as well as samples of conversation, which are important elements that they need to know to communicate with their friends using proper structure and phrases. Examples of English conversation in this Englishland's website can be accessed from the following list of pre-intermediate dialogues:

Sample Conversation 1. Striking up a conversation with a foreigner (intermediate level)

Photograph of Arfak mountains as seen from the sea in Dorey bay of Manokwari. The picture was made using Nikon Coolpix P500

Charles Hi, I see you are reading Travel Guide Book About Indonesia.
Eliane Yes. I am a tourist and I want to go to Raja Ampat.
Charles Raja Ampat is a new regency in West Papua province. I have been there several times. It's a world class scuba diving destination.
Eliane Do you guide tourists?
Charles Yes. I guide tourists to West Papua for snorkeling and bird watching.
Eliane Do you know the cheapest way to go
Charles The fastest way is by flying from Jakarta to Sorong. After that you can go to Waisai by a ferry boat. Then a speed boat will take you to Gam island. There is a tourist house there operated by a local Papuan woman named Ms. Maria Rumbiak.
Elaine Beside Raja Ampat. What other tourists destinations in West Papua worth visiting.
Charles I think the Arfak mountains of Manokwari where you can watch birds of paradise and the Numfor island (located between Manokwari and Biak island) where you can see birds, traditional dance and how the indigenous Melanesian people live in their daily life along the coastal areas of the tropical island.
Eliane Hmmm..., it sounds interesting. I think I am interested in visiting the places which you just mentioned. Can you accompany me to West Papua.
Charles Well, I can guide you to those places. I charge 250 thousand rupiahs per day for my guiding services.
Eliane No problem. By the way, I am Eliane.
Charles Nice to meet you, Eliane. I am Charles.
Eliane It is nice to meet you, too.


Sample Conversation 2. Asking for a direction using embedded question (intermediate level)

Eliane Do you know where I can buy post cards?
Charles Yes, I do. If you want to buy postcards, just go to Xavier bookstore. They sell postcards whose pictures were painted by Papuan artists.
Eliane Oh, that's interesting. Can you tell me where the bookstore is?
Charles It's on Jalan Brawijaya. You can go there on foot or by taxi. I can accompany you to the bookstore if you want.
Eliane Well, you are very nice. Let's go now.


Sample Conversation 3. English dialogue using tag questions

  English Language   Translation in Bahasa Indonesia
Eliane From your story, it seems that you know West Papua quite well. You grew up in the region, didn't you?   Dari ceritamu, nampaknya kamu memahami Papua Barat dengan baik. Kamu besar di daerah itu, bukan?
Charles I did. I was born in Manokwari and grew up in the small town until I reached high school age. It is your first time visiting Indonesia, isn't it?   Ya. Aku dilahirkan di Manokwari dan bertumbuh di kota kecil itu hingga aku mencapai SMA. Ini kali pertama kau mengunjungi Indonesia, bukan?
Eliane No, it isn't. I was in East Nusa Tenggara for one year doing volunteering works.   Tidak. Aku di Nusa Tenggara Timur selama 1 tahun bekerja sebagai sukarelawan.
Charles Where were you exactly?   Tepatnya di mana?
Eliane I was in Kupang. But for visiting West Papua, this is my first journey.   Aku di Kupang. Tetapi kunjungan ke Papua Barat adalah kali yang pertama.
Charles I hope that you'll enjoy your adventure in the forest.   Aku harap kau akan menikmati petualanganmu di hutan.
Eliane I will. I like being in open nature a lot watching the scenery, wildlife and appreciating God's creation.   Tentu. Aku suka sekali berada di alam terbuka dan menyaksikan pemandangan, kehidupan liar dan menghargai karya ciptaan Tuhan.


If the above English dialogues are difficult for you, you can study some of lessons below that have been prepared for students who are learning English conversation for the first time. After a conversation has been played and listened, students can continue their study by answering some simple questions that are still related to the dialog which they have just listened. Don't forget to press the right answer from every quiz that we present at the end of each sample of conversation. The computer will say whether your answer is right or wrong. Beginning English learners usually do not feel confident when talking with native English speakers. They can familiarize themselves with samples of English conversation that we have made for them and presented in this website. However, the samples of dialogue do not reflect the exact sentences that they will listen when conversing with native speakers. So, we encourage learners to speak or practice their English as often as possible with other learners, friends and foreigners who are learning or who can speak English.


Where do you live?

No, I am a cook.

It's our grandson's birthday

What do you do?

We just moved here from Washington

When were you born?

Hello, Susan. How are you?

My Birthday is in March

Buying a Plane Ticket

Do you live alone?

I hear today is your birthday

What do you do in your free time?

Basic English Conversation 1

Basic English Conversation 2

Basic English Conversation 3

Because the lessons that you study in this website are not complete, we suggest that every English learner take a course program from a number of English language institutions or schools in his or her own city. Make sure that the English school has teachers who are qualified in teaching the international language. by Charles Roring 

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