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English Conversation on Job Interview




office workersThe following English dialogue contains typical questions a staff of human resource department may ask to a job applicant. During the conversation, the applicant needs to give positive impression to the interviewer especially in answering questions that are related to his or her qualifications and work experience. In general, there are three sessions in an interview:

  1. The first part of the dialogue is introduction. The questions asked by the interviewer are meant to create a relax atmosphere before the real interview for the job or position. In other words, we can say that the beginning session is "small talks"

  2. Interview about the job

  3. A closing dialogue that contains information on when the applicant will be notified about the results of the interview

 Part 1 The interviewer may ask some questions such as,

  • Was it difficult to find our office? (Apakah sulit menemukan kantor kami?);

  • How was the street traffic when you came? (Bagaimana lalu lintas di jalan raya saat kamu kemari?);

  • How are you today? (Apa kabarmu hari ini)


(Job applicant)

Hi, I am Agatha. I come for a job interview. I was called two days ago.



Hi, Agatha. I am Simon. I am the head of the human resource department of this company. How are you today?


Fine. How about you?


I am fine too. Was it difficult to find our office?


No. Before I came here, I asked some of my friends about the exact location of this office.


Can I get you anything?


Thank you. A cup of tea, please.


Part 2 After the breaking the ice dialogue, the interviewer may begin asking questions related to work experience and position which the applicant has applied.


Agatha, in your resume you said that you used to work in Canada. Could you tell me a little bit of your work there?


Yes, after getting a diploma on Marine Tourism from Vancouver Premier College, I worked in Metropolitan Hotel in Vancouver city for two years.


What was your position at that time?


For the first six months, I was a marketing staff. Then I was tasked to develop eco-tour program for guests.


So, you traveled around Canada a lot.


Yes, but only around Vancouver city, and to beaches and sea as well as to some marine parks and forests in British Columbia.


Did you enjoy your job?


Yes. I liked it. Unfortunately, I had to leave the country because my husband works here.


That's why you apply for position of tour leader in this company. Can you swim or dive?


I am a PADI certified divemaster. I believe that my unique skill in scuba diving can bring significant contribution to the company's plan on developing its business in marine ecotourism sector.


It's nice to hear that you are a dive-master. We will open a diving center soon. We hope that you can be part of this new business. Can you speak any other languages?


I speak English and French.


Could you tell me your current salary?

Agatha I don't have a job right now. But when I was working in Vancouver, I got 23,000 US dollars per annum.
Simon When can you start?


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Here is a simple question that an interviewer may ask, "Tell me about yourself."

To answer the question, a job applicant needs to give smart answer that presents her educational background and work experience that is relevant to the new position that he or she is now applying for.


Part 3 The interviewer may tell the applicant whether his or her application is received or not. He may say it during the interview or he may also give a call or write a letter of notification one day or even one week after the interview.

Simon OK, Agatha. I will let you know this afternoon.
Agatha Thank you, Sir. I will be waiting for your notification this afternoon

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The above sample of English conversations should not be seen as the exact type of dialogues that a job applicant will experience when being interviewed by his or her future employer. He or she needs to read other samples of job interview in this website or from other sources.

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