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English Conversation About Marine Environment



Environment and global warming are two hot issues that attract the attention of every body. Nations blame one another for a lot of natural disasters that continuously occur on this planet. Ice in the Artic and Antartic melts causing the sea level to rise.  Pollution at sea destroys the coral reef. Read the following short English conversation about how two girls try to preserve marine environment from more destruction through beach clean up campaign.

Eliane   Hi Sabina. Do you know why people discuss a lot about environment?

Sarah   I think that's because the planet where we live right now is being destroyed day by day.
Eliane   I agree with you. Our surrounding environment is not as beautiful as what I saw when I was a little girl.
Sarah   I still remember that the hill behind our house was still covered with forest. Now, most of the trees have been cut and replaced by luxurious houses. The shoreline is also dirty with plastic and other waste materials. I really hope that one day we can restore our environment again.
Eliane   I do too. Have you got any ideas of how we can start working towards the restoration of our surrounding dwelling places?
Sarah   I have. For instance, we can begin our campaign by doing beach clean up activity.
Eliane   It's a nice idea but we cannot do it alone. The beach is too long and too big for us.  
Sarah   Don't worry. You know that our friend Herman is working at the local radio station. We can ask him to help us to gather people who have the same idea as us to do the beach clean up campaign.

Eliane   Asking our fellow city dwellers directly without giving explanation about the importance of having a clean beach will be very difficult.
Sarah   We can ask Herman to conduct a small discussion on the radio about the preservation of our marine environment and its influence on our life. What do you think?
Eliane   I am not an expert in this field. But I know someone who can give better explanation about this matter. Our high school teacher Ms. Deborah. She teaches biology. Perhaps she can be invited to give an interesting talk show about the preservation of our coral reef ecosystem.
Sarah   I will meet her tomorrow at the town library. I will inform her about our plan. I believe that she will support our campaign.
Eliane   What else do we need to launch our beach clean-up campaign.
Sarah   We need to set a date. I think we should gather the town dwellers on weekends. I think Sunday is good.
Eliane   I prefer Saturday because I believe that more people will come on Saturday. You know that most of the families in our town need Sunday to relax with their own families.  
Sarah   After one or two days talk show on the radio about marine environment and coral reef ecosystem, we can proceed to inviting the whole town dwellers to the beach.

Eliane   Sarah, don't forget to bring your camera. We need it to make some pictures and put them on the internet.
Sarah   I will make some pictures of our beach before and after the clean up campaign. Then I will put them on the local news paper with compliments to the whole citizens. 
Eliane   Wow... Sarah, you are a very brilliant friend.
Sarah   My dream is that when our sea and beach have been clean again, we can see dolphins in this bay.
Eliane   I like dolphins too. That will be a miracle and a wonderful gift to the whole citizens.  

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