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People who want to speak English fluently need to practice their language skills every day. They must not be ashamed of using their English although their level of fluency is still very basic. Today there are a lot of books that provide samples of English dialogue which they can use as reference for studying conversations. When people start practicing their English, they usually will feel nervous. They might not feel confident about the pronunciation or structure that they know. Such feeling should be eliminated. Learners need to know that the more they practice conversing in this international langue, the better they will become. So, there is no reason for not practicing the dialogues. Englishland as an online learning resources website has provided a lot of samples of conversation for every day use. However, the sentences that are written in those samples will not always be the same as what learners will use or hear when talking to some native English speakers in real life situations. In other words, learners should learn how to create sentences by themselves. Here is how a sample of English dialogue can be used to create another new dialogue.

Conversation 1 Returning a book to the campus library

Clerk: Good morning!

Student: Good morning, I want to return this TOEIC Exercise book.

Clerk: Let me check the book first. Ow! You are three days late. Based on the rule of this library, you are required to pay 3 US dollars as fine for the late return.

Student: I was sick and could not return the book.

Clerk: You need to talk to the librarian. I will write some note for you.

Student: It's okay, I can pay the fine.

The above conversation can be expanded or modified from returning a book to borrowing a book.


Conversation 2. Borrowing an English grammar book from Campus library

Clerk: Good afternoon.

Student: Good afternoon. Can I still borrow a book from this library?

Clerk: It's 4 p.m. now. We will close at 5 p.m. You still have one hour to find the book that you want to borrow.

Student: I am looking for English Grammar in Use by Raymond Murphy. Could you tell me its exact location in the bookshelves?

Clerk: It's on the third bookshelves near the corner. The book is on the fifth shelves from the bottom.

Student: Thank you for your help. I'll be right back after getting the book.


English conversation practice can also be done with other English learners through a website. Today, the availability of chatting tools such as ICQ, and Yahoo Messenger has revolutionized global communication platform from an expensive phone based one to an internet based multi-media communication platform. When we talk with our friends we are not only listening to their voices but also see their faces. by Charles Roring



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