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Englishland is an English language course institution that provides a number of courses from children up to adult learners. Englishland's website provides lessons that you can access for free. By studying these lessons, you will be able to improve your speaking, listening and communication skills. We encourage English learners to practice every day.


Conversation 5 No, I am a cook.  

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A: Hello, Bob. How are you?

B: Ann! It's nice to see you.
A: Do you work in this neighborhood, Bob?
B: No, but I live near here. I live in a house down the street.





neighborhood: di sekitar sini



A: What about you? Do you work around here?

B: Yes. I work across the street.
A: At First National Bank?
B: No, at Sam's Restaurant.








a cook

A: Are you a waitress?

B: No, I'm a cook.
A: That sounds interesting.
B: You're right. It really is.





a cook - seorang koki




A: What kind of work do you do, Bob?

B: Well, I'm a mechanic, but I'm out of work right now. I'm looking for a job in a garage.
A: I hope you find something soon.
B: I do too.







a garage - sebuah garasi (maksudnya bengkel)


Free English Conversation

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