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English Conversation: Traveling by Train








Watch the video English conversation about buying a train ticket. Remember the details. If necessary play the video several times to answer the questions in this quiz.



The topic of the English conversation in this web page is Traveling by Train. In the dialog, we hear how someone in India buys a train ticket. He was asked where he would go. In return, he asked the railway employee the name of the train, the departure time and the cost of the ticket. This is a typical English conversation which people usually speak when they want to travel by train. When we want to travel to another city or country, we can go by car, train, and airplane. If the city that we are heading for is located in the same island or continent, traveling by train can be much cheaper. In certain countries like the USA, China and Canada, traveling by train has been an attractive tour package. For instance, tourists can buy a tour package for traveling around the US by old trains that served the cities and towns in the USA during 1800s. The trains are not as fast as the Japanese bullet train, the Shinkansen, or the German's magnetic train, the Maglev. American scenic land tour is served by trains that are powered by steam engines. These trains use coal or wood as their fuel. Although these trains are not fuel efficient, they still attract a lot of tourists and classic train enthusiasts every year. In Indonesia, the old steam train is stationed in Ambarawa of Java island. Some are still used for serving tourists who want to travel around the area but many are now kept in train museum. Those train played very important role in transporting people and goods across the towns in Java island. Now they have been replaced by more modern and faster trains that use diesel engines or electric motors as their prime movers. Most steam train tour package in the USA takes the routes which were once used by miners and American pioneers during the gold rush and settlements expansion to the wild west. The train road goes through the snowy mountains, valleys and various small but beautiful across the American land.

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