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Asking for Directions to a Toilet







Watch the video English conversation about how Juanita gives directions to the toilet for Al. Remember the details of the dialogue and answer the following questions.


The above video conversations shows how Juanita tries to explain where a public toilet is. Sometimes when we go to a public place such as malls, airport or bus terminal, we will see a special sign for public toilet. Usually the sign is attached on the wall or hung on the ceiling to help people find its exact location. In Indonesia, visitors pay around 1,000 rupiahs for using the public toilet available in malls. When we are in the toilet room, we usually dispose of our bodily wastes, i.e. urine and fecal matter. Most toilet users do not use tissue. Usually there is a small water tub next to the toilet where users can use dipper to clean the toilet bowl and their body.   The most common type of the toilets in Indonesia is the flush toilet that use water to clean the bowl. In American English, the toilet room is often called restroom, bathroom or washroom.


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