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   deck      dining saloon      excellent view      jacuzzi      next vacation      panoramic view      platform   
Never say never is a 122 foot ocean fast accommodating eight guests in four state rooms starting aft a generous room leads up to the aft deck. There is a walkway forward on the port side, stairs on the starboard side leading to the upper deck, and double doors into the saloon. Moving forward, we come to the beautiful . It is decorated in rich woods and comfortably sits eight around the semi circular sofa. Moving up the stairs we find the saloon decorated with rich wood and elegant fabrics. There is a game table, comfortable seating and entertainment center. Large circular side windows provide a nice view of the outside. A bar forward is a perfect setting for the entertaining. Moving forward on the main deck, we come to the VIP state room. It has a king size bed and entertainment center and on suite bathroom with showers and marble vanity. Moving down one , we go forward to the masters state room. It has a king size bed, entertainment center and sofa. The on suite bathroom features a marble vanity for day in the shower. After the master, there are twin guest state rooms, one on the port and one on the starboard, they run with bathroom and shower.
Moving up one deck, we come to the pilot house. Vast arrays of windows provide an of the outside. For the guest comfort and safety, the yacht has the latest communication and navigation equipment. Moving outside to the forward deck, there are two large U shaped sofas. Further aft there are four large sun chairs to stretch out and relax. We move back to the aft deck which is usually the center of the activity. This spacious area offers a full bar, tub, barbecue and sun chairs. Relax in the jacuzzi with the refreshing cocktails where the crew attends to your every need. This is livery deck the U shaped sofa and table. This area is perfect for held fresco dining, or simply enjoying the .
So commendable, luxury style and comfort. I wait you aboard the "Never Say Never" on your .


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In recent years, the number of people who use yacht to travel around the open seas is increasing. Yacht charter companies provide tour package to famous tourist destinations such as the Caribbean islands, the Great Barrier Reef, Bali and Raja Ampat of Indonesia; and Phuket in Thailand. Those who like to rent yacht are newly married couples who want to celebrate their honeymoon inside luxurious yachts that are heading to tropical islands, and wealthy people who want to spend their weekend free from work loads which they experience in the city. Renting a yacht is more expensive than traveling with a cruise ship. But sailing with yacht is more flexible. Itinerary is flexible depending on the travel route that we demand, the yacht crews will bring us our destination. Besides motor yacht, racing yacht is now getting popular as a marine sport. Racing yacht is powered by sails whereas the luxurious yacht is mainly powered by diesel engine.



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