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Make or Save Money while Traveling Abroad

by Charles Roring



When you travel, have you ever thought of making or saving money? Some people make a lot of money while traveling around the world for pleasure. They usually write article about the place they visit, the people they meet and the culture they experience. But there are also other people who participate in certain programs in a country to save money traveling in that country, for instance by following organic farming community such as WWOOF. It stands for World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farming. This organization has many branches around the world. You can join them and live in one of the farming villages without having to pay the lodging. In return you will work in the field for five hours a day and get food.  It is one of the possible ways to save money while you travel abroad.

Yesterday I met two travelers. They have been traveling to many countries in Asia and South America. These two travelers are brothers. I wonder how they save money while working to be used later during the holiday season. Their answer is simple make money while you travel around.


So, it means they make money when they go around the world? Is it possible? Yes, it's possible but how? They work as freelance journalists. I think they are a good and solid team. They write to travel magazine, they make documentaries about certain regions. They do the editing of the films when they have returned to their hotel. It is an interesting job. It is an interesting job actually. How if their articles or documentaries are rejected by the travel magazine or TV station? As professional journalists, they will choose topics that are interesting to their audiences. Such topics are the recommended diving sites in Maluku islands and West Papua, or illegal logging in the tropical rainforest of Kalimantan and West Papua, or the cheapest way to travel around Indonesian archipelago, or the conversion of Indonesian rainforest to palm oil plantation.

They can also write about certain customs or traditions which they encounter among the Balinese and Javanese.

It sounds easy but actually writing, filming, editing and presenting it to magazine or TV station is difficult. Only experience and skillful journalists who can do all those things while traveling around. Sometimes when they are in a remote region the electricity and communication signals are not available. They have to get used to that situation. They have to keep many rechargeable batteries in their travel bags. In addition they might only be able to write their article manually on notebook. Later when they have reached the nearest town they will be able to type their article and edit photos in their laptop. They can also send it to travel magazine in Europe or North America.

travel: bepergian

saving money: menghemat/ menyimpan uang

organic farming community: suatu kelompok yang menjalankan pertanian organik

articles or documentaries are rejected: artikel atau film dokumenter ditolak

rechargeable batteries: baterai yang dapat diisi ulang

a remote region: wilayah terpencil

certain customs: kebiasaan-kebiasaan tertentu

palm oil plantation: perkebunan kelapa sawit


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