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Making Soba noodle a healthy Japanese food




Noodle also called ramen has been a famous food around the world. Most people have eaten noodle. It is mostly made of wheat flour. It is delicious if served hot as soup with chickens, vegetables and some soy sauce or salt. In Japan, there is another kind of noodle which is made of soba grains.

Ask your travel agency about interesting places to visit in Japan. They might suggest that you visit the shopping centers, underground farming and even entertainment centers whose workers are mostly you men. But it is not what I want to tell you here. An interesting feature which is good for traveler to see is Japanese foods. One of them is Soba noodle. It is made of Soba grains. It is also delicious. Japanese restaurants offer unique experience for travelers who want to enjoy not only various kinds of cuisines of Soba noodles but also the process of making them. Soba is a healthy japanese noodle. If you travel to Japan, don't forget to try it.

After eating a bowl of Soba noodle you can ask the restaurant owner if they also have or offer a special course on noodle making for travelers or tourists like you. If he does not have one, he might tell you where to go. Making Soba noodles is a laborious job especially for tourist. You have registered in a Soba noodle making course, you can begin practicing how to make it. First the noodle master will ask you to wash Soba grains. Then you will need to dry them. After that you have to grind them using grinding stone. It is quite heavy. From it you will get Soba flour. Then you will need to mix it with some water. The next step is kneading the dough. It is similar to making bread. Then you have to flatten the dough using roller. The last process is cutting the flattened dough into noodles. When the noodles are ready, you can use them to cook any kind of dish that you like.

So, when you travel to Japan, don't forget to have Soba noodle for your lunch or attend Soba noodle making course.  

Traveling in Japan can be fascinating if you try something different from the usual travel destinations offered in travel deals by tour agencies. If you have just arrived in Narita international airport or are about to leave for your home country try to walk around an amusement park located near the airport. It is similar to Disneyland where travelers can see traditional Japanese village built and operated according to the Edo period where electricity does not exist. You can try anything that they offer. During this financial crisis, Japanese government is trying to promote its tourism industry. Many travel deals are promoted by tour and travel company in affordable cost. So, when you plan to travel abroad this year, Japan can be your next choice.  by Charles Roring


noodle: mie

soy sauce: saus/ kecap yang terbuat dari kedelai

delicious: sedap, lezat

a bowl: semangkuk

Soba flour: tepung Soba

the flattened dough: adonan yang telah digiling rata

be fascinating: menyenangkan

affordable cost: biaya, harga yang terjangkau



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