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Beautiful Thailand A Favorite Travel Destination




Have you ever traveled to Thailand? What do you know about the country of gold pagodas, beautiful scenery, friendly people and of course nice looking girls? Thailand has always been a favorite country to travel. But still many people do not know where this country is. Thailand is located in South East Asia.

Travel industry is growing rapidly in Thailand. Every year millions of tourists visit the country. Thailand government, together with airliners, hotel owners and tour agencies, have been promoting their tourism attractions for years. The number of foreigners who travel to Thailand is increasing every year.


Before this, Thailand was an agricultural country. To accelerate the development in the region, Thailand government and stakeholders of tourism industry diversify their development strategy by promoting tourism. It seems that they have been successful in their efforts. More tourists come from all around the world. People will not only recognize Thailand for its white elephant but also for its beautiful scenery, friendly people and many exotic attractions. Thailand is still famous for its elephants. Kissing the head of an elephant is considered bringing luck. As a result, many travelers like to kiss elephant.

tourists sunbathing at a beach in Thailand


a tourist from China is kissing an elephant in Thailand

Phuket is one of tour destinations in Thailand that attracts tourists. It is located in southern  region overlooking Andaman sea. It has many interesting places to visit. At night there are many events along the beach ranging from dancing, music concert up to traditional play.

A boat unloading tourists in James Bond island of Thailand

Local people take advantage of the booming tourism industry in their region. They work as staff of beach hotels, as boat operators, and as divers for diving resorts. Many sell souvenirs to tourists.

There are many beautiful islands in Thailand. One of them is James Bond island. Movie producers from the United Kingdom used to make James Bond movie in the island. It has caves that are located near the beach.

limestone islet in Thailand

There is also a place where tourists can see turtles. It is called Turtle Conservation Project. Turtles have been facing extinction. This project is important to restore turtle population.

Next time, if you intend to travel abroad, choose Thailand as your destination. You can find more information about tourism in Thailand if you search it on the internet. There are many travel deals offered by tour and travel agencies in Thailand at affordable cost. by Charles Roring


increase: bertambah, meningkat

an agricultural country: negara yang bertumpu pada pertanian

effort: usaha

many exotic attractions: banyak atraksi (kegiatan menarik) yang eksotis

take advantage: memanfaatkan

diver: penyelam

cave: gua

turtle: penyu

face extinction: menghadapi kepunahan

to restore: mengembalikan, memulihkan

Bahasa version: Thailand yang Indah Sebuah Tujuan Wisata Favorit



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