Simple Tips for English Learners

The followings are simple suggestions that English students should do to improve their EnglishLearning English is similar to constructing high rise building. We need patient and hard work.

Study English regularly. The first step is listening. We must listen to English words, sentences or pronunciation. The second step is trying to know how they are written. When we have known then the third step is reading. We need to read the words or sentences a few times until our English pronunciation is really correct. If we can read well then the fourth step is writing. Try to write the sentences or words in correct spelling.

When we study English we listen, speak or read, and write. The most important thing that we need to master English fast is thinking in English. Surround yourself with English including your mind. In other words, THINK in ENGLISH. It seems weird but you need to do that. Some people say that the indicator for this is when you sleep and dream in English. The next morning when you wake up, try to remember whether last night you dreamed in English.

Practice English with anybody. You can practice speaking English with friends, teachers, neighbors, co-workers. Don't forget to spend time reading English short stories, novel or books.

If you are serious with your learning. Maybe you can begin write in English. If you are not sure about the spelling of certain English words, look them up in your dictionary.

Learning English cannot be accomplished in just one night. It needs patient and perseverance. When you learn English regularly, day by day, your English will be better. Good luck. Charles Roring Webmaster of Englishland

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