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Cool English is a very good magazine for English Learners. It can be ordered from http://www.coolenglish.co.ukReading English magazines is good to improve our English ability. By reading we can find many new words that we are not familiar with. There are many free magazines that we can download from the internet. We can also order new ones from English publishers. These magazines contain various articles ranging from music, culture to politics and economics.

English magazine such as Cool English is published in Russia. It is good for young adults. Some of the old editions of Cool English can be downloaded from Ebookee website by typing the magazine's name. Cool English or Hot English is very good for intermediate up to pre-advanced level. It provides translation or more description of difficult vocabularies or glossary box at the end of each article it presents. Readers who do not understand the meaning to certain vocabularies highlighted in bold letters can find their meanings at the bottom of the page. 

In addition there are some English magazines. They are Dialogue and Hello. If you are interested in reading these magazines, you can go to the nearest bookstore.

For advanced learners, magazines with heavier topics and complicated phrases or terms such as Time, and Newsweek or Reader's Digest are recommended. They also provide topics that are related to current world events. In Bali, the tourist hub of Indonesia, hellobali magazine is a nice reading material especially to those who likes articles about travel, dining, shopping, adventure, spas, villas, culture and entertainment.

In Bali, the most popular tourist destination in Indonesia is Bali. There is an English magazine there called Ubudlife which discusses various aspects of life and tourism industry in Ubud and Bali island as a whole. Ubud is a small town in Bali island which has been the center for art and culture for hundreds of years. It is now an important tourist destination of Bali beside Kuta, Legian, Sanur, Candidasa. Every day we can see thousands of international visitors walking around the streets of Ubud and the pathways of its rice field landscapes.

If you feel that it is difficult to get such magazines, you can log on to the internet and type such keywords as English Magazines, Cool English Magazine or Hot English magazine in Google or Yahoo. These search engines will provide the links to the publishers of these magazines. by Charles Roring



improve: memperbaiki, menyempurnakan

ability: kemampuan

publisher: penerbit

culture: budaya

glossary box: kotak daftar istilah

certain vocabularies: kosa-kata tertentu

provide: menyediakan

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