Learning English by Blogging

There are four skills that we have to master when we learn a language. They are listening, speaking, reading and writing.

We can express our ideas to everybody now through social media. Running a blog is a good way to do it. Blogger, wordpress are some of the many writing platforms on the internet for our writing practices. Anyone can read our opinions if they visit our blog(s).

Learning English does not always have to do with attending English classes, or reading grammar books. We can study English through many ways. We can chat with people on the internet, we can take free English course that are available on the internet. Or we can write blogs. When we blog, we should not have to worry about grammar or spelling. We just need to write short articles. First we can use word processor such as Microsoft Word. If we make mistakes in spelling or grammar, it will inform us by showing red or green underlines on a word or sentences. The topics of our blogs should be the ones that we are interested in. When we write, we must use plain English so that many people can understand our point. We can insert some pictures, videos or songs to make our article appear more interesting.

Blogging has become one of the most effective socializing ways. Blog is a daily journal or diary which we update regularly. People write blogs because they want to express their ideas, share personal stories and promote certain things on the internet. Blogging is not a difficult thing to do. If we have blogs, we must update it regularly or people will not visit them again. There are many free blog hosting provider. Popular blog communities such as wordpress and blogger have millions of members.

Blogger is the easiest and simplest blogging technology while wordpress is more suitable to those who want a more complicated or advanced features.

There are many people who write blogs for getting income. You can do that too. If you are interested in monetizing your blog, you can sign up to Google Adsense. This website provides information about how to put certain html or javascript code into your blog or website so that any time visitors click on the advertisement it provides, you will get some money.

If you want to use wordpress.org technology, you need to have your own domain and hosting space. Wordpress dot com does not allow bloggers to put adsense code in their blogs. by Charles Roring