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Amazon Kindle a portable reading device




Not long ago, Amazon.com - the largest online store in the world launched a new version of Kindle. This device is larger than its previous one. This larger Kindle is manufactured for those who like to read newspapers.

Through its Amazon associates program, Kindle portable wireless reading device, and Kindle edition books, is priced at $359.  People from around the world buy Kindle. They like Kindle because they can buy and read books that they like in cheaper price. They also do not have to fill in their bags with heavy books if they want to read them. Kindle can accommodate thousands of titles.

What is Kindle actually? Kindle is an electronic device which contains thousands of titles of e-books. By having Kindle, one can read thousands of books wherever he or she goes. This new technology is very good for book lovers who like reading.

Books displayed in Xavier bookstoreKindle has many advantages, it helps us reduce our consumption on paper. Because good quality paper is made from wood fiber, such reduction will automatically save more trees. Kindle is not only environmentally friendly, it is also efficient in terms of energy consumption. The lengthy process of publishing books needs a lot of energy. The printing process will be obsolete if the end product of the books is only in electronic edition.

Although Kindle and other similar products are good for the environment, they cannot completely replaced the existence of books. People still like to hold and see the appearance of physical books rather than touching the computer screen. The most important thing is that the smell of paper has a unique scent which attract all book lovers to go to the bookstores. by Charles Roring in Manokwari of West Papua - Indonesia

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