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Pilatus Porter a robust aircraft


  Pilatus Porter at Rendani airport of Manokwari West Papua Indonesia

The mountainous region of Papua has spectacular sceneries. Tourists from around the world like to travel around this island. They use small aircraft called Pilatus Porter. It is a small but robust airplane. It can carry up to 1 metric ton of cargoes or 10 passengers. Pilatus aircraft is made in Switzerland. Although some accidents related to Pilatus Porter have occurred in Papua, people still use the aircraft. They believe that the accidents were mostly caused by bad weather. Pilatus porter can land and take off from unprepared airstrip. The distance it needs to land is around 315 meters. Such short airstrips can be found in many villages in Papua. Most of them are only covered with grass and hardened gravels.

From the information printed in the brochure of the airplane, according to the manufacturer of Pilatus Porter, the aircraft can be operated on snowfields and at sea. If it is equipped with amphibious floats, it can land and take off from water surface.  Besides being used as a means of transportation in Papua, Pilatus porter can be used for various missions such as ambulance, skis, dessert and bush operation. This aircraft is powerful for carrying out such operations as search and rescue, surveillance, patrol, border control and parachuting. People like Pilatus Porter because it has a unique STOL capabilities. STOL stands for Short Take Off and Landing. When an airstrip is unprepared and very short for other airplanes, Pilatus Porter can land on it. In addition, with its high wing and propeller ground clearance, Pilatus Porter PC-6 is much less exposed to damage from rough airstrips. The superior abilities of PC-6 make this aircraft the most preferred choice of transportation means for people in Papua. Other type of aircrafts that are now used in the districts in Papua are twin otter. This type of airplane has bigger body than the pilatus porter. It is also powered with two propellers. Both aircrafts have similarity which are able to land and take off on short runways and multi-purposes. Airplanes still play very important part in connecting towns, cities and villages in Papua especially in the areas that are mountainous and difficult to be reached by using cars.  by Charles Roring in Manokwari, the capital of West Papua province - Indonesia

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bahasa Indonesia version: Pilatus Porter Sebuah Pesawat yang Handal


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