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Bing A New Search Engine from Microsoft


Microsoft has just launched a new search engine this week besides MSN.COM an internet portal it has. It is a surprising news for me. I just knew it this morning (June 4, 2009).

Bing Search Engine from Microsoft

the front page look of bing.com

It was not my usual activity for immediately turning on the TV set after getting up from late sleep.  With a remote controller in my hand, I browsed the TV channels for morning news. From, CNA and France 24 to Euronews for the latest story on Air France plane crash around Brazilian waters, then I highlighted BVN, a Dutch satellite TV. The newscaster was reading a news about Bing. Although she was reading in Dutch, the language which I do not understand, I could easily see from the inset video that it was about a new search engine. The name Microsoft was mentioned by the newscaster.

This was an interesting news for me. I decided to find more information about it from the internet. A few hours later using Mozilla Firefox I typed the new search engine's name which is bing.com. Within seconds, the computer screen showed a nice looking front-page of the Bing website. The front page of the search engine is a picture of snowy mountains with a climber standing on an opposite hill. For me such view creates the first impression of a relax atmosphere. I like this picture very much.

I then typed some more phrases such as about bing, about bing search engine, and finally, manokwari, the name of my home town. The results Bing.Com presented were many and accurate. For me Bing will become a potential tough competitor for Google, the most favorite search engine in the world at the moment.

From the information which I read, Microsoft is said to have a partnership with Yahoo. In eweek.com it was reported that the CEO of Yahoo, Carol Bartz would sell her company's search infrastructure to Microsoft.

For us, internet users, the competition between two giant search engine companies Microsoft Bing and Google is our focus of attention. Many of us do not care whether the former or the latter will win. All we need is that these search engines will streamline their performances to provide better services to their customers.

by Charles Roring in Manokwari of West Papua - Indonesia

Bahasa Indonesia version: Bing sebuah Mesin Pencari yang Baru dari Microsoft



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