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Bravia A New HD TV From Sony




Last night while I was watching Videoland Cinema, a Taiwanese TV channel, I saw a TV commercial about Bravia - a new flat panel HD-TV model from Sony. The TV ads showed how a glass artist cut various colorful  panels into smaller pieces and combined them into a beautiful chandelier. Hanging like a ceiling lamp, later, this piece of artwork glows brightly and clearly on the LCD screen of Bravia HD TV.

In my opinion, the new theme of this ads campaign Sony Corporation used in promoting their products is very good and innovative. They present a new LCD TV technology in an artistic way. The new generation of TV sets are not presented through their latest features of many complicated buttons but crystal clear view of an art exhibition.

During the current economic crisis, companies are forced to be more innovative in promoting their new products.

Bravia a new LCD flat panel high definition TV from Sony

This Bravia brand probably replaces the previous brand name WEGA. According to an article which I read in wikipedia, Bravia stands for Best Resolution Audio Visual Integrated Architecture. This high definition flat panel LCD high definition television is considered one of the best flat panel HD-TVs now available on the market. Besides having the capability of showing high definition picture, the TV sets are considered more environmentally friendly due to lower energy consumptions. It is interesting to see that the Bravia TV commercials use the slogan "color.like.no.other."  This advertising slogan, perhaps, wants to deliver a message which says that SONY corporation produce TV sets that are considered the best in the world. Whether this claim is true or not, the features of Bravia TV really offer a new experience of watching TV.



But I remembered reading a book entitled Beating Diabetes written by David Nathan and Linda Delahanty. In that book, the authors remind readers to abandon the coach potato habit. Today's modern society tend to spend more time sitting on a comfortable coach and watching TV rather than having more energetic pastime activities such as walking, cycling or jogging. It is not surprising to see that people are more overweight and vulnerable to diabetes and other diseases due to this sedentary lifestyle. In other words, the writers of this book ask us to balance our lifestyle by being more active in our daily activities. So, watching a good film or TV series through Bravia HD-TV can be good but it will be better if we watch it while sitting on a stationary cycle cycling. -

by Charles Roring in Manokwari of West Papua - Indonesia

Bahasa Indonesia version: Bravia sebuah Televisi Definisi Tinggi yang Baru dari Sony


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