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Traveling Along the Alleyways of Kyoto




Travelers from around the world like to come to Kyoto, the ancient city of Japan, to enjoy the natural beauty of the city and the culture of the Japanese people. Kyoto used to be the imperial capital city of Japan. Now, it is a tourist city.

If you travel around the city, you will see that the wooden houses are still well preserved. Kyoto has many kinds of activities which tourists can enjoy during the day and at night. Japanese artists from every corner of the country move to and live in the city. They prefer to settle in Kyoto because they believe that it is the hub of culture and art of Japan.

Kyoto dwellers walk along the alleyways of the city

Kyoto has many alleyways. Every alleyway has its own characteristic. When you walk through it and talk to the city dwellers, youíll find many new things related to various aspects of life of the Japanese. From honey vendors to graphic artist, these young Japanese try to live in harmony with their other neighbors and make a living by monetizing their art and skill talent.

Most of the alleyways of Kyoto are narrow. You cannot drive through them. It is better for you to walk or ride bicycle. Donít forget to buy special map for it. The alleyways are connected from one to another forming a complicated network.

The night life of Kyoto is also interesting. You can enjoy eating sea food and drinking sake in one of the bars there that provides food and beverage in affordable prices. Alleyways and wooden houses are inseparable structures that form Kyoto as a cultural city of the Japanese.

At the present moment, Kyoto continues to play its role in Japanese tourism industry attracting millions of visitors, providing jobs as well as inspirations for artists and art lovers who make Kyoto as their home. by Charles Roring in Manokwari of West Papua - Indonesia

Bahasa Indonesia version: Jalan-jalan Sepanjang Gang-gang Kota Kyoto Jepang


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