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Traveling to Malang City of East Java

by Charles Roring




After flying with Merpati Nusantara Airlines to Surabaya, I continued my trip to Malang. It is the second largest city in East Java Province. It is also a favorite tourist destination. There are many hotels and inns in that city. Malang is located in the southern highland region of East Java. The atmosphere temperature there is cool. During the days people, walking along the streets of the city center, can feel the gentle breeze of the fresh air.

Malang city is also called Kota Pelajar or city of students. There are many schools there ranging from elementary up to universities. The largest campus in that city belongs to Brawijaya University. It is a state owned university.

Not far from Malang, there is Mount Bromo, an active volcano which has now become a popular tourist destination.  Every year villagers, living near the Mount Bromo, perform Kesada - pronounced Kesodo, an annual ritual which is aimed at pleasing the ruler of the universe so that he will not bring disaster by erupting the volcano. Animal sacrifice are thrown into the crater during the sacred celebration. Thousands of people from nearby towns and cities, as well as foreign tourists, like to go there to see the kesada rituals.

Mount Bromo in East Java of Indonesia the place for Kesada ritual

Unfortunately, when I went to Malang, I did not have enough time to visit Mount Bromo. I arrived in that city on the afternoon. So, I was hungry. I then had lunch in Jalan Candi Trowulan in the Blimbing area of the city. The restaurant was a small one but the food it served was very delicious. I ate lalapan gouramy with some sayur asem.  I was accompanied by some boys and girls of Malang city.

They were full of smiles, friendly and of course beautiful. Perhaps, thatís the reason why the lunch tasted really good. Indeed the cost of lunch was considerably very cheap. The price of a plate of rice with chicken and vegetable was around 13,000 rupiahs or 1.5 US dollars. So, I only paid around 15 US dollars for ten people who accompanied me. Indonesian food the restaurant offer was spicy food. Asian tourists like such food very much.

I was in Malang city for four hours only. I had to go back to Papua the next day. My visit to Malang was a memorable and nice experience. I hope that one day, I could visit the city again.

Bahasa Indonesia version: Mengunjungi Kota Malang Jawa Timur


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