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J-Melo the window to Japanese Music

Music is a universal language. Everybody likes listening to music. Music can calm and comfort our heart especially when we are sad. Music can also encourage us during our hard times. There are many programs on the radio, and television about music, one of them is J-Melo. It is a special program from a Japanese state owned TV station - NHK World.

two beautiful girls who host the NHK's music show J-Melo

Two beautiful girls are the hosts of the program. They are also singers who have beautiful voice. They speak English fluently; so, we will not find difficulties in following J-MELO. In the recent episode that I watched, the presenter brought us to Radio Japan studio and had conversation with the staffs there. One of them is a radio announcer from Marocco for Arabic language. I forget her name. I only know that the woman is beautiful. She said that she likes Japanese music and took the J-Melo presenter to Le-Maghreb, a unique Maroccon restaurant that serves spicy food. Le-Maghreb means sunset. There, the J-Melo presenter and the Radio Japan announcer ate delicious food and watched belly dance.

Kiroro was singing Mirai E

After that the J-Melo presenters spoke with another announcer from Indonesia. He said that he liked Kiroro. Kiroro sang "Mirai E" meaning "To the Future." This song was a global hit several years ago. Then J-Melo played the song for the NHK World audience. Many people around the world like Japanese songs. Perhaps we cannot fully understand the meaning of the songs but as a universal language, we can enjoy them very well. Japanese music helps us understand more about Japanese people and their culture. by Charles Roring





J-Melo Jendela Menuju Musik Jepang

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