Satellite TVs Your Windows to The World

Satellite TVs are television broadcasts produced by state owned and private owned TV stations through satellite. To watch them, you need a disc antenna and a digital satellite or DVB receiver. DVB stands for Digital Video Broadcasting. Only the digital signals that can be received and processed by this electronic equipment whereas for analog signals, they need analog receivers. Nowadays, most of the satellite TV programs are broadcasted in digital form.

Some of the programs are pre-paid ones while others are free. These satellite TVs are aired in various languages. For English language programs, you can watch CCTV9, NHK World, Al Jazeera, CNA (Channel News Asia), France 24, Euronews, DWTV and a lot more. Unfortunately not all of the channels can be watched free of charge.

The quality of the satellite TV programs which you watch depends on the antenna, the digital receiver and the TV set. If you watch the TV programs using flat screen television, then you will be able to enjoy bright images and clear sound of the satellite TV programs. Nowadays, some TV stations such as Luxe TV, and NHK World and probably Arirang TV have launched their programs in HD or high definition format.The picture quality of HDTV is better than the standard digital TV programs. We need HD TV sets to watch HDTV broadcasts. Most of them now are released in the form of LCD TV sets that have light weight. In addition, the flat screen or the LCD screen television is more efficient in terms of electrical consumption. It consumes less energy than the previous tube screen. LCD screen is suitable for houses with small rooms. The programs that you can watch through satellite TV receivers are many. There are music, sport, news, and travel programs. You can watch them 24 hours 7 days a week.

youtube is the most popular video sharing platform in the internet
a youtube channel about nature and wildlife

Satellite TV broadcasts provide full coverage about events from around the world. By watching satellite TV programs, we can understand the culture and traditions of people in all corners of the world. Most satellite TV broadcasts which are aired by foreign governments are aimed at promoting various aspects of the countries to global viewers. In the future, satellite TV will be more dominant than local TV stations due to the quality and variety of the programs which they offer for free to every audience.

Internet Based Video Sharing Platforms

youtube is more famous than satellite tv stations
Youtube has now become the hub of tv stations and independent video publishers

In recent years, the influence of youtube and other internet based video sharing platforms has increased rapidly. Most cell phone users now have access to youtube, dailymotion, vimeo, netflix, tiktok and etc. Satellite tv stations also have to open channels in these internet platforms and have to compete with millions of independent video publishers to attract viewers. Satellite tv stations still have influence in certain remote region. In cities where fast internet access is available, citizens tend to watch tv programs and other videos through youtube, other similar platforms. by Charles Roring