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The importance of beach clean-ups to coral reef environment


People like going to the beach. They like to swim or just sit under trees and enjoy the breeze from the ocean. A beach in a remote place is usually a place where fishermen go to catch bait or small fish, and a playing ground for children. The coastal region located at the front of the beach is rich of various species of fish and other marine animals. They live in coral reef that becomes food resource and living environment for them.

Honay in Ketapang beach of Manokwari West Papua

At the beach, we can see beautiful scenery. Coconut and Ketapang trees stand in rows overlooking the blue ocean. A beach is a natural environment that we need to protect and clean. A well preserved coastal region such as Bunaken, Raja Ampat islands and Teluk Cendrawasih National Marine Parks are tourist destinations in Indonesia that give important economic contribution not only to the local but also national economy.

Our activities at the beach greatly influence the coral reef environment that is located along the coastal region. We need to keep our beach clean so that marine animals can thrive well. A healthy marine environment will bring positive benefits to everybody. There are many activities that we can do to protect our coastal region.  The most important one is how to keep the beach clean. This can be done through regular clean-ups and public campaigns aiming at informing people not to dump their domestic and industrial wastes to the beach. Unused plastics, tote-bags, bottles, metals and other chemical materials often pollute beaches that are located near cities and towns.

City authorities must also be informed by not allowing housings to be built too close to the beach. If housings are too close to the beach, the domestic wastes produced by the dwellers will pollute the beach and the sea. Such wastes will kill corals. So, the next time when you go to the beach, keep in mind that you must keep it clean by not throwing garbage or waste irresponsibly. by Charles Roring

Translation in bahasa Indonesia: Pentingnya Pembersihan Pantai Bagi Terumbu Karang



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