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Pocket PC Your Travel Companion





HP Pocket PC iPAQ rx 3400 series


Papuan wooden house Honay in Manokwari West Papua Indonesia

When we travel to far away places, we usually take pictures, and take some notes. Smart phone pocket PC from Hewlett Packard is my recommendation for you. It is a portable or mobile media device which is offered in various types. Powered by Windows Mobile operating system, this pocket PC is a versatile tool for those who need a portable device that can give them access to the internet world. I have been using HP iPAQ rx 3400 series for taking pictures and uploading them with their stories for my Manokwari blog. For instance, one day I was at the beach near a beautiful traditional wooden house of Papuan. I liked the house that was constructed from simple material  and I wanted to share the view with all of you. It's very easy. HP iPAQ series has the digital camera feature which I can use while traveling to take picture of my surrounding.

After taking the picture, I write some notes about it using Word and upload them using Microsoft Outlook. All of the softwares that I need is available in one mobile device offered by HP. Sometimes I get bored and want to watch a movie. HP iPAQ, with extra memories, has enough storage rooms to play several movies. With Windows mobile software, I can do my business activities while traveling to any places. It is smaller than laptop but it has the capability of a personal computer. Additional accessories which I like most from HP iPAQ are standard and bluetooth foldable keyboards. This device improves my productivity as a blogger. I can enter large amount of data or stories quickly and easily into my pocket PC and update my blog immediately after that. So, next time when you have bought a travel package to certain tourist destinations in Thailand or French Polynesia of Bora-Bora, don't forget to bring with you an HP iPAQ. You won't regret if buying it.  Today, although iPad, Playbook and e-book readers have occupied the market, pocket PC is still considered as a powerful smart phone that provides almost all features that a traveler need.  by Charles Roring


Translation in Bahasa: Pocket PC Teman Dalam Perjalanan



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