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Earthquake Resistant Wooden House Safety Precautions



earthquake resistant wooden house construction in Sonder village of Minahasa regency of the Province of North SulawesiThe wooden house Minahasa has been recognized in Indonesia as one of the best earthquake resistant constructions which is suitable for tropical region. This house looks beautiful if built in the rural areas where the surrounding environment is still full of green vegetations and colorful flowers. Because of their earthquake resistant properties, more and more city dwellers are interested in buying these wooden houses. At the moment these wooden houses are being exported to many cities both inside this country and abroad. There are several factors that should be done by home builders to protect the wooden house constructions from bad weather and termites. Buyers who order the earthquake resistant wooden houses from Minahasa of North Sulawesi must give special attention to how the surfaces of the wood blocks and panels are covered with protective resin or paints. Also, the manufacturers or builders of the wooden houses should be asked whether they have soaked the wooden blocks particularly those adjacent to the foundation with anti termite solution. Such solution when absorbed by the wood will stop termites from eating the wood fiber. In addition, wood blocks whose surfaces have been covered with paints are more resistant to such extreme weather conditions as hot, cold and wet.
Although wood is quake resistant, it is not fire resistant. Home buyers need to make sure that the kitchen area of their wooden houses are well protected against fire. Therefore, the kitchen has to be covered with concrete or ceramic layers. When the above safety precautions have been conducted, owners of the wooden houses can live in them with peaceful mind and without having to fear of large magnitude earthquakes that may strike their region anytime.

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