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Learning English Through Youtube


Cool English is a very good magazine for English Learners. It can be ordered from http://www.coolenglish.co.uk



Learning English is much easier now than ten years ago. We live in the internet era where information flows freely from all corners of the world. For English learners, learning materials are now available for free and can be downloaded from various online English schools websites and video portals. There are a lot of English learning websites in this cyber world but one that I will recommend is Youtube. This is a video portal where millions of internet users visit every day. It contains videos from information about traveling to learning English. You don't have to pay anything for watching English learning materials which have been uploaded by thousands of English teachers from around the world. What you need is a computer with a web browser that can display the Youtube videos. Some materials can be watched if you are a member of Youtube. Also if you want to upload your own English videos to the internet, you need to sign up to become a member.

Make sure that the loudspeakers of your computer work well in order to be able to listen to the English videos well. Some English teachers provide grammar explanation and the others prefer to present conversation based on various topics. It is important to know that the pronunciation may not be clear enough due to poor recording equipment. Many of the English learning videos in Youtube are made using an amateur video camera recorder. Professional looking videos with clear sounds are made in studios which have been equipped with sound recording equipment. Most of these English learning videos are not provided for free on Youtube. They may give you a trailer or short preview but you must buy a complete package in the form of English learning software that are usually sold in CDs.

In addition, the videos that you watch in Youtube may not be filed in sequential orders. Some channels may contain only two or three home made English learning materials while others may have tens of videos that deals with various topics of English lessons from Grammar to TOEIC preparation.  Learning English through watching Youtube video is good but it is not enough. You need to read grammar books, attend English classes and practice your English with friends. To improve your grammar understanding, you need to take some grammar tests. As the webmaster of Englishland, I have provided a number of grammar exercises in this website. You can check them at other pages of this website. by Charles Roring. Also read Belajar Bahasa Inggris Lewat Youtube



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