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Dialogue in English




We all know that English dialog is a very important part in learning English language. Whether it is conducted with a native speaker or friends, dialogues will help learners of English improve their proficiency. By regularly practicing samples of conversation that are related to our daily activities, we will be able to communicate with our friends, or colleagues without any difficulties. Englishland has provided a lot of free lessons to learners who want to study English from basic level. One of them is the short quiz below that will give you immediate score after you answer them.

conversation at a street cafeEverybody wants to speak or converse in English fluently. This is good but what does a learner need to do to be able to speak fluently without making many pronunciation and grammatical mistakes? In English learning program, there are four basic skills that a learner needs to master in order to communicate in normal speed his or her ideas with a dialog partner. These communicative skills are listening; speaking (being able to have a conversation or dialogue with other people); reading; and writing.
Listening - this is the first skill that everyone has to master. Beginning learners usually feel that native English speakers speak too fast. They cannot easily understand what the native speakers have said. In order to improve your listening skill, they need to practice listening to English dialog or talk regularly. I recommend every English learner to watch VOA special English program on television or internet. If you have a satellite disk antenna, you will be able to find its frequency and symbol rate from the internet and try to find it using a satellite receiver. Another way that you can do to improve your listening skill is by having short English dialogs with native speakers who live in your town.

Speaking - when we are able to listen the English pronunciation correctly, we will be able to speak the words or phrases well. I know that most of you will feel nervous for the first time especially when the dialog that you are going to have is with a native English speaker. He or she will understand your situation. Don't try to speak the English words fast unless you are confident enough with your communicative skill. I believe that if you practice listening and speaking every day, your English dialog skills will get better. Don't be ashamed to practice your English. The more you speak and listen to English conversation, the better and faster you will master this international language.

If someone who studies English only practices his listening skills then what he studies is not complete enough. The four language skills are closely related from one to another in spoken and written communication. Sometimes, I read an advertisement in a newspaper which says that a local English language course or a private teacher in Indonesia is able to make somebody speaks English fluently in just about three months.

In my opinion, the ability to have a dialog or conversation in English can be increased gradually. Of course, someone can speak English with his or her partner on some simple topics after finishing a three-month course program. But it takes more time for someone to be able to speak fluently. Conversation or English dialogue is a keyword which many people who offer English language training programs like to discuss about in various ads in mass media. I don't agree if what is taught in a program is only conversation skill. Why? Because English learning includes the above four language skills. Someone who is learning English needs to study sample dialogues, phrases that are mentioned in them, how they are spoken (pronunciation), the cultural background, grammar and vocabularies.
In English learning we don't only study sentences, grammar and vocabularies. We will study all aspects that are directly related to English language. So, we will enter a language and civilization. Therefore, we will be able to understand English and all of the cultural aspects of British people as a nation.
Dialogue or conversational skill is only one of the four basic skills in learning a language which an English learner needs to master together with all other aspects of language learning. by Charles Roring


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