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In the Beginning Nature is Beautiful

a cyclist in Manokwari city of West Papua of IndonesiaLiving in harmony with nature is what I have always wanted to do in my life. Nature is the surrounding environment where we are. Depending on the location of our existence, our natural surroundings can be coastal region, mountains, or dessert. I live in Manokwari city, the capital of West Papua province of the Republic of Indonesia. The natural environment where I live consists of tropical rainforest, mountains and coastal areas. The city of Manokwari stretches along the Dorey bay with three small islands in the middle of the bay. The scenery of the nature is very beautiful particularly in the morning after the rain. Usually at that time, the sky is very clear making it easier for me and the whole town dwellers to see the beautiful blue color of Arfak mountains. Beneath the surface of the sea around the Mansinam, Lemon and Raimuti islands, hundreds of species of fish move among the colorful coral reef. I have guided foreign tourists to see these coral reefs. They said that like the magnificent beauty of the reef environment very much.


Our Nature is Fragile

Our nature looks big and strong but actually it is a fragile environment. Tropical rainforest, for example, depends on thin layer of rich nutrient soil. When people cut the forest, this layer will be washed away by the rain leaving only hard sub-layer that is not a good ground for new trees to grow. Every day tropical rainforest as large as 50 football fields are being cleared leaving only open space of ground whose soil is ready to be swept away by heavy rain. The deforestation is the main cause of the worst global environmental degradation in the tropical regions. The shrinking size of the tropical rainforest added with the continues burning of fossil fuel by human through billions of cars and motorcycles has reduced the ability of the green trees to absorb all of the CO2 gases that we emit to the atmosphere. As a result more acid rain falls on to the forest causing massive damage to the foliages of all the trees that grow on this planet. Human activities along the coastal cities and towns have produces millions of tons of toxic, plastic and other harmful wastes that flow into the sea.

Living in Harmony with Nature Lifestyle

clove trees grow at the front yard of the villagers house in Sonder village of MinahasaHave you ever asked yourself, "how to live in harmony with nature?" Our daily lifestyle greatly influences what human extract or exploit from the nature. If all of us drive cars or motorcycles to work, we will consume huge amount of gasoline and diesel fuel. If we go to work by riding bicycles instead, we reduce our dependency on fossil fuel. Reduced consumption of fuel will greatly discourage the exploration of fossil fuel both on land and at sea. In other words, if we use bicycles more often we directly prevent the destruction of the nature. The followings are some of my recommendations for you if you want to live in harmony with nature:

Living green or living in harmony with nature is a good way to live healthily, save the environment and also to save more money for later use when you have retired from your job. You will not have to live in debt because your lifestyle is good for the environment and for your personal financial condition. So, how to live in harmony with nature is an easy things to do if you have strong commitment. I hope that the above article will be able to widen your horizon about how important it is to preserve our nature for present and future generations of human being. by Charles Roring



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