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Who developed the TOEIC® test?

Educational Testing Service®, an organization devoted to educational measurement and research in psychometrics and educational policy, designed and created the TOEIC® test in 1979 at the request of a group of business leaders in Japan. Over the years, the TOEIC® test was adopted in many other countries and quickly became the global standard of assessing English in work-related contexts.


Who makes the TOEIC® test?

The Chauncey Group International Ltd., a subsidiary of ETS, develops and publishes the TOEIC® test. The Chauncey Group International is a testing company that specializes in professional licensing exams and in the certification of workplace skills and achievement. The Chauncy Group International headquarters are located in Princeton, New Jersey, USA; the European office (Chauncey Group Europe SA) is in Paris, France.


What is the difference between the TOEIC® test and the TOEFL® test?

The TOEIC® and TOEFL tests were developed to serve different purposes. Therefore, the design content, context, and ranges of proficiency that each test measures are also different. The TOEFL test was created by Educational testing Service for foreign students seeking admission to colleges and universities in North America. Students planning to pursue undergraduate or graduate degrees in North America will wish to take the TOEFL® test. Organizations that document employees’ English proficiency and individuals who want to demonstrate their ability to use English in the workplace will prefer to use the TOEIC® test.


How is the TOEIC® test scored?

Each candidate uses a pencil to mark answers on the answer sheet. The scores are determined by the number of questions answered correctly. The number of correct responses in the Listening Comprehension and Reading Sections is converted to a number on scale of 5 to 495. Adding the two section scores together gives a total score on a scale ranging from 10 to 990. There is no penalty for wrong answers.


What do TOEIC® test scores mean?

When you register to take the TOEIC test, you will receive the TOEIC Examinee Handbook. This handbook provides information about TOEIC test scores and how they are used in various international settings.


How can I register to take the TOEIC test or get information about taking the test?

The TOEIC® test is available throughout the world. TOEIC® testing is most often arranged through corporations or other organizations that ask employees or job applicants to take the TOEIC® test. If testing has not been arranged through your organizations, please contact your local TOEIC® representative to find out when and where you can take the test. A list of representatives can be found on the following pages.



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