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TOEIC Exercise 1 Where are you staying in Paris?


TOEIC® stands for the Test of English for International Communication. The test is designed to measure one's communication proficiency in the global workplace. English is increasingly used in various countries around the world.  The questions in the TOEIC test are adapted to many different settings and situations, such as: general business, manufacturing, finance, corporate development, offices, personnel, purchasing, technical areas, housing, travel, dining out, entertainment and health. People study TOEIC or English because they want to be able to communicate in this international language with their friends or colleagues at work. Multinational companies sometimes stipulate their employees to have a high TOEIC score if they want to be promoted to positions that are related to international work environment.



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Englishland is an English language course institution that provides a number of courses from children up to adult learners. Englishland's website provides lessons that you can access for free. By studying these lessons, you will be able to improve your speaking, listening and communication skills. We encourage English learners to practice every day. As we increase the number of lessons and exercises as well as video conversation in this website, we also recommend to all English learners to invest in buying English learning software that is powerful in helping them master this language in relatively short time. Software such as Rosetta Stone English has been prepared for busy people like you to study English where ever they go or they are. With a laptop, the whole English lessons can be installed and studied. Studying a language using multi-media program such as Rosetta Stone English helps learners master the language in a faster time than studying the language by only using a textbook and a dictionary.

The English learning software enables learners to listen to samples of conversation performed by native English speakers that are recorded in the software. Learners can imitate the pronunciation practices as many times as possible until they are confident enough to use it when conversing with their friends. When you look at the price of the software, you might say that it is expensive. You should consider buying this English learning software as an investment for your future. Without making an investment learning English, you won't be making significant progress in your efforts of mastering this international language.



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