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TOEIC Exercise 2 Sample Question


If we do some research on the internet about TOEIC, we will see that there are a lot of English schools that provide TOEIC preparation course for people who want to take the test. We recommend that learners of English read the information well before deciding to take such program. If you plan to continue your education by taking a master degree program in one of the universities in North America then the type of test you will have to take is TOEFL. But if you want to study in the U.K. then you will have to take IELTS. I still see that some companies in Indonesia require TOEFL score in their recruitment program for new employees. Well, this is not right. They must know that TOEFL is for academic purposes whereas TOEIC is for communication purposes. They might look the same but they are different. 

TOEIC® stands for the Test of English for International Communication. The test is designed to measure one's communication proficiency in the global workplace. English is increasingly used in various countries around the world.  The questions in the TOEIC test are adapted to many different settings and situations, such as: general business, manufacturing, finance, corporate development, offices, personnel, purchasing, technical areas, housing, travel, dining out, entertainment and health.

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The sample TOEIC test which you have just answered is about prediction. In English grammar, when we predict something we usually use future tense with will or shall as the auxiliary verbs. The use of simple present in the question refers to Mr. Gustavson. When we think of Mr. Gustavson's opinion, we will refer him as the third person which in an English sentence the right tense is simple present tense. Tenses will not be the focus of TOEIC test but it is important for test takers to also make preparation on English grammar so that they can understand the questions easily.


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